EXID Hani Talks About Her Brother Who Appeared in Hit Drama 'Penthouse' + Expresses Support for Brave Girls

EXID Hani Talks About Her Brother Who Appeared in Hit Drama 'Penthouse' + Expresses Support for Brave Girls
(Photo : Hani and Ahn Tae Hwan)

Hani, a member of EXID showed her loving-sister side as she talked about her brother who recently appeared in hit K-Drama, "Penthouse." Along with this, she also cheered for Brave Girls.

On March 24, a prominent member of EXID Hani joined SBS Power FM's "Cultwo Show" as a special DJ and promotes her debut as an actress.

During the show, the female idol-actress opened up about her debut on the big screen, as well as showed her support for Ahn Tae Hwan, his younger brother who also challenged himself as a rookie actor.

In the same broadcast, Hani cheered for the "reverse-running" girl group Brave Girls as well, who is currently experiencing the same reverse popularity that they had.

EXID Hani Debut Movie "Adult's Don't Know" + Supports Younger Brother Ahn Tae Hwan's Acting Career

Hani or actress Ahn Hee Yeon (real name) recently made her first attempt at acting through the movie "Adults Don't Know."

The idol turned actress shared, "Our film won an award at the Busan International Film Festival. It's totally hyperrealism."

In particular, "Adult's Don't Know" revolves around the story of four teenagers who experience the cruelty of the world at a young age and will face it together.

In "Cultwo Show", Hani explained why she joined the movie. The idol explained that it captured her interest, and as it was her first film and have never acted before she thought it was a good opportunity to venture into the acting industry.

Meanwhile, Hani also talked about his younger brother Ahn Tae Hwan. A listener brought the topic by saying she saw the idol visited her brother.

She then responded, "My younger brother is discharged from the army and now he is active as an actor. My younger brother was in Penthouse 2 as well. He came out as Cheon Seo Jin's brother-in-law, Cheon Seo Young's husband."

EXID Hani Talks About Her Brother Who Appeared in Hit Drama 'Penthouse' + Expresses Support for Brave Girls
(Photo : Penthouse|SBS )

In particular, the rising actor showed up in Episode 6, and though his exposure was short, fans and netizens are already anticipating his future works and projects.

Hani also revealed that they are both signed under Sublime Artist Agency, and it is not possible to see a junior-senior interaction soon as well!

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EXID Hani Cheered for Brave Girls + Shared her Similar Experience as "Reverse-Running" Idol

On the other hand, EXID, a group in which Hani is a member gained attention again for the skyrocketing group Brave Girls who seemed to follow their footsteps as representative of sudden success.

In context, EXID became popular after Hani's fancam video for "Up & Down" went viral. In a similar case, Brave Girls is now breaking music chart records following their viral video for "Rollin'."

Hani then said, "It felt like I was walking on thin ice," she recalled when they became popular and more appreciated after their viral video.

She added, "I felt like I was walking on a single tightrope. I didn't enjoy my time well. Now that I think about it, I think I can enjoy it as much as I want."

"I want to thank the Brave Girls for holding out. Through Brave Girls, other juniors will not lose hope. It's so cool. It's so heartwarming."

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