JTBC to Change 'Snowdrop' Lead Character's Name Played by BLACKPINK Jisoo

JTBC will be changing the female lead character's name of "Snowdrop," which is played by BLACKPINK's Jisoo.

JTBC's "Snowdrop," an upcoming drama series scheduled to air in the second half of 2021, starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo, has been garnering a lot of controversial attention. The drama had been under fire and receiving criticism from netizens as it is being suspected of distorting historical facts based on the drama's synopsis.

"Snowdrop" took place in Seoul back in 1987. Soo Ho, who is played by Jung Hae In, is a student of a prestigious university who meets Young Cho, played by BLACKPINK's Jisoo, in a female dorm while covered in blood. Young Cho, a university student, hides Soo Ho and takes care of his wounds while being under surveillance and facing imminent danger.

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JTBC "Snowdrop" Becomes Plagued With Criticisms

Criticism of the drama came to be after SBS's "Joseon Exorcist" came under fire for using Chinese props in a drama that takes place during the Joseon period. Netizens subsequently began criticizing other dramas for promoting Chinese products and distorting history.

After the circulation of the synopsis of "Snowdrop" online, many believed that the male lead is a spy infiltrating the activist movement, whereas another male character is a leader at the Agency for National Security Planning.

1987 is a year remembered in South Korea for the democratic movement that took place, which led to the establishment of South Korea's republic today. In addition, the Agency for National Security Planning was part of the authoritarian regime during that year.

Koreans have since then filed a petition to the Office of South Korean President Moon Jae In, calling for its cancellation, describing the drama as an "apologism" to the spy agency in South Korea. As of now, more than 105,000 South Koreans have signed the petition.

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JTBC to Change BLACKPINK Jisoo's Character Name

Following the continuous criticisms the drama is receiving, JTBC announced on Mar. 30 that they would be changing the lead female character's name played by BLACKPINK's Jisoo. "The current controversy is a combination of a leaked unfinished synopsis and part of a character introduction. It [controversy] originated from fragmented information," said JTBC.

JTBC further clarified that the drama does not deal with the democratic movement, "There is no setting anywhere in the script wherein the male and female protagonists participate in or lead a democratic movement." They added that the drama does not take place during the democracy movement, but rather the presidential elections in 1987 and that the real-life Chun Young Cho is unrelated to the drama's character.

JTBC asks the public to refrain from sharing misleading opinions and giving false facts to dramas that have yet to premiere.

What are your thoughts on the name change?

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