Famous Filipino Vlogger, Who Impersonated BLACKPINK Lisa, Issues Apology To Rosé and Her Fans

BLACKPINK Lisa, Mimiyuuuh and BLACKPINK Rosé
The internet sensation took to social media to apologize to all devoted followers of BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rosé who were offended by his clip.(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official instagram Account, Mimiyuuuh Official instagram Account and BLACKPINK Rosé Official instagram Account)

Popular Filipino vlogger Mimiyuuuh received mixed reactions after he impersonated BLACKPINK member Lisa for an entire day in her now-deleted YouTube video. On Tuesday, March 30, the internet sensation took to social media to apologize to all devoted followers of Lisa and Rosé who were offended by his clip.

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Filipino YouTube Vlogger Says Sorry for His Vlog about BLACKPINK

Mimiyuuuh released an apology statement days after his video titled "Mimiyuuuh as Lisa Manoban for a day" went viral. The famous vlogger, in his statement, said that he deleted the parts that were found offensive by Rosé's fans.

The online star said he did not mean to upset or transgress anyone since the clip was made for entertainment purposes only. Mimiyuuuh, however, admitted that he might have overlooked some parts that may have insulted the avid followers of BLACKPINK, collectively known as BLINKs.

Mimiyuuuh posted the statement on his official Twitter and Facebook accounts. The vlogger did not mention what arts of the controversial video were deleted. However, numerous fans rerecorded it and shared it online before Mimiyuuuh could remove it. In one clip shared by a fan, Mimiyuuuh was heard being asked about his opinion on the first-ever solo album of BLACKPINK member Rosé. The vlogger retorted that it was just fine, which prompted several followers of the South Korean pop star to react.

Others also noticed when Mimiyuuuh claimed, in the original video, that "On the Ground" was supposedly the solo debut single of BLACKPINK Lisa, whom he was impersonating at that time. However, the management, allegedly, decided to allow Rosé to record it because she was pitiful.

If that is not enough, the Filipino vlogger was also heard saying, in a skit, that Rosé's brain is on the ground. Fans did not find Mimiyuuuh's jokes funny, saying that he does not have a right to mock or offend the other members even if he is also a fan of the girl group.

Mimiyuuuh, in one of his Instagram stories on Tuesday, made it clear that he did not make the video to take advantage of BLACKPINK's popularity. He even claimed that he has been following Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo since the release of their chart-topping hits "Boombayah" and "Whistle."


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BLACKPINK Rosé Continues Dominating Music Charts with 'On the Ground'

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK member Rosé continues to enjoy the dominance in various music charts worldwide with her trending track titled "On the Ground." As of late, it nabbed the No. 5 spot on MelOn, No. 6 spot on VIBE, and No. 7 spots on both Genie and Bugs charts.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Official Twitter Account)

Aside from that, BLACKPINK Rosé also made another history after she became the first South Korean soloist to ever hit 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. As of press time, the track secured the No. 40 spot in the Spotify Global Chart with more than 1.6 million streams, No. 4 spot in the Spotify South Korea Chart with 12,557 streams and No. 174 spot in the Spotify U.S. Chart with more than 221,000 streams.

BLACKPINK member Rosé also surpassed 15 million streams and 1.5 million unique listeners on MelOn earlier this week. The statistics are expected to increase in the coming days as more and more fans continue to anticipate the release of the official "GONE" music video.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Official Twitter Account)

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