BTS, TXT, and More: These are the Male K-Pop Artists That Gained the Most Twitter Followers in March 2021

On Apr. 1, 12 MN KST, K-Pop Radar, a platform that displays the social media growth of K-pop idols and groups, updated their monthly charts to reflect the data from Mar. 2021. Want to know which male K-pop acts gained the most Twitter followers that month? Then keep on reading!

BTS is the K-Pop Boy Group that Gained the Most Followers on Twitter in March 2021

According to K-Pop Radar's Twitter Followers Monthly Chart in the boy's division, BTS is the male K-pop group that gained the most Twitter followers in Mar. 2021.

Additionally, they are the K-pop group that gained the most Twitter followers that month overall.

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

In Mar. 2021, BTS gained 829,041 new Twitter followers. By the end of the month, BTS reportedly had 34,077,840 followers.

In the Feb. 2021 chart, BTS also ranked at number one in the boy's division and the overall category, meaning they maintained their spot this month.

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As of press time, BTS has 34.1 million followers on Twitter. Their account, @bts_twt, is run mostly by the members. It is used to share updates and photos from the members, as well as to catch up with their fan base. The boy group has over 12,500 tweets.

BTS has another Twitter account, @bts_bighit, which is run by their company, Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE Corporations).

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

TXT is the Second Most Followed K-Pop Boy Group on Twitter in March 2021

Following after BTS are their juniors, TXT! TXT gained 318,499 Twitter followers in Mar. 2021, according to K-Pop Radar's Twitter Followers Monthly Chart in the boy's division. By the end of the month, TXT's total follower count was reported to be 7,494,419.

They are, overall, the second most followed K-pop group on Twitter in Mar. 2021.

(Photo : TXT Twitter)

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As of the time of writing, TXT has 7.5 million followers. Their account, @TXT_members, is run predominantly by the members. They use their Twitter account to share videos and photos they took themselves and also use their Twitter to catch up with fans. TXT has 1,599 tweets on their account.

Like BTS, TXT has another Twitter account, @TXT_bighit, which is run by their agency.

(Photo : TXT Twitter)

These are the TOP 30 Most Followed Male K-Pop Artists on Twitter in March 2021

1. BTS (829,041 gained)

2. TXT (319,499 gained)

3. EXO (287,845 gained)

4. NCT (254,810 gained)

5. Stray Kids (250,000 gained)

6. ENHYPEN (231,508 gained)

7. NCT Dream (233,066 gained)

8. GOT7's Bambam (216,180 gained)

9. NCT 127 (212,878 gained)

10. GOT7's Jackson (200,979 gained)

11. TREASURE (182,889 gained)

12. ASTRO (177,764 gained)

13. EXO's Baekhyun (177,500 gained)

14. GOT7's Mark (176,288 gained)

15. SEVENTEEN (151,603 gained)

16. ATEEZ (113,125 gained)

17. THE BOYZ (111,706 gained)

18. SuperM (107,118 gained)

19. EXO's Lay (103,975 gained)

20. WayV (96,593 gained)

21. SHINee (95,357 gained)

22. GOT7's Youngjae (92,157 gained)

23. MONSTA X (85,294 gained)

24. GOT7 (52,977 gained)

25. DAY6's Jae (44,498 gained)

26. Super Junior (40,721 gained)

27. DAY6 (39,034 gained)

28. WONHO (36,113 gained)

29. GOT7's Jay B (35,466 gained)

30. PENTAGON (35,429 gained)

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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