LUNARSOLAR Jian Receives Praise from Field Officials for Her Visuals and Pure Acting: Is She the Next Suzy and Yoona?

LUNARSOLAR Jian is drawing attention as an emerging acting-dol who is showing signs of following the footsteps of Suzy and Girls' Generation Yoona.

Jian, the main vocalist of the rookie group LUNARSOLAR, is gaining attention from both K-pop enthusiasts and K-pop officials for her outstanding entry into the K-pop scene and acting industry.

With her unending potential, the industry is closely monitoring her rise as an idol and as an actress.

LUNARSOLAR Jian to Join Suzy and Yoona's "Pure Acting Idol" Line? Industry Pays Attention to her Future Activities

Jian is a rookie who shocked both fields with her idol and acting skills.

In October last year, just two months after her debut, Jian challenged her first acting role in the mid-form drama of SKY Channel A and KT Seezn's "Must You Go?".

In the eighth-episode drama, Jian successfully played the role of Jung Do Young, the head of an entertainment agency, a reincarnated woman who clearly remembers all her past life.

Even though it was her first acting challenge, Jian skillfully played two-person characters. He received rave reviews from viewers by acting as if she were dressed in her own clothes, as Do Young in the urban image and Shin Nyeo in the historical drama image.

It was reported then that her passionate appearance in the drama also received praises from field officials, along with her impressive chemistry with SF9 Chani, Park Jung Yeon, and N.Flying Lee Seung Hyub.

The Korean news outlet, E-Daily, attested to the female idol's skills, highlighting that Jian's strength as an actress is that she has both an innocent and lively look.

 Undoubtedly, it is not easy to show two characters at the same time in one work, but she indeed slays playing two characters with different vibe and atmospheres.

According to an industry official, "It is not easy for an idol-turned-actor to play two roles from the first acting challenge." adding, "I expect more filmography in the future."

With this, attention is also being paid to whether Jian will continue her lineage of "Pure Acting Discipline," linking Suzy (former MissA member) and Yoona from Girls' Generation.

In particular, Suzy established herself as a top-notch idol-actress after starring in the movie "Architecture 101." In this film, Suzy also gained her title, "Nation's First Love," for her visual and acting that reminded viewers of their first love.

Meanwhile, Yoona also cemented her acting career with dramas such as "Love, Rain" and "The King in Love." Her acting prowess didn't only make an impact in Korea but as well as in China. With her movie, "Exit" released in 2019, she became a "10-million actress."

In the case of Jian, attention is drawn to her future acting moves, given that she has a lot to show and his potential is endless.

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LUNARSOLAR Kicks Off with 2nd Single Album "SOLAR: Rise" + Releases Showcase

On the other hand, aside from her acting excellence, Jian is also the main vocalist of the vocal-based K-pop group, LUNARSOLAR.

The quartet showed a confident state as they returned with their second album, "Solar: Rise," which means it's their turn to rise the sun. On April 7, they also held an online showcase to commemorate their comeback.

Their album contains the title song "DADADA," which contains the phrase "I'm just me and that's enough," which is like a declaration saying, "I'll do whatever I want."

Jian then introduced the group, saying, "We expressed pride with each member's individuality, and it will be fun if you watch how they express it differently."

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