Brave Girls' 'Rollin', IU's 'Celebrity' and More: These are the Most Popular K-Pop Songs On Gaon In March 2021

Brave Girls and IU
Here are the most popular K-pop songs on Gaon in March 2021.(Photo : Brave Girls Official Instagram Account and IU Official Instagram Account)

Gaon just released the list of the most popular K-pop songs on its charts in March 2021. Unlike other popular international music charts such as Billboard, the tally only includes tracks that are performing very well in South Korea.

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What is Gaon Music Chart?

For starters, the Gaon Music Chart tabulates the most listened to songs on a weekly basis. Similar to the Oricon Charts in Japan and the Billboard Charts in the U.S., the Korea Music Content Association and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism produce the list, which started in 2010.

Brave Girls' 'Rollin' is the Most Popular K-pop Song on Gaon for March 2021

Dominating the list is "Rollin'" by Brave Girls. The said track gained unexpected attention almost after four years since it was released.

The all-female K-pop group became the talk of the town after they performed in a local television show in South Korea. At the time, Brave Girls sang "Rollin," which effortlessly captured the hearts of many viewers.

The typical TV guesting helped Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna trend online. The official music video of "Rollin" even garnered millions of views on YouTube. A fan cam clip of M2 also generated one million views in less than three days since it was posted on the popular video-sharing website.

If that is not enough, "Rollin" also helped Brave Girls secure the top spot in the brand reputation rankings. The group rose to the first rank in April 2021 from the second place in March 2021. For this month, Brave Girls has a total of 5.36 million brand reputation index.

In Gaon, "Rollin" by Brave Girls got a total of 162.7 million points last month.

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IU's 'Celebrity' is the Second Most Popular K-pop Song on Gaon for March 2021

Coming after Brave Girls' "Rollin" is "Celebrity" by IU. The South Korean pop princess released the said song on January 27, 2021, and it effortlessly entered various music charts around the world.

The track serves as the carrier single of IU's fifth Korean-language studio album titled "LILAC." The K-pop idol wrote the song with the help of Celine Svanback, Chloe Latimer, Lauritz Emil Christiansen, Jeppe London Bilsby, and Ryan S. Jhun.

"Celebrity" peaked at No. 78 on the Billboard Chart 200 and at No. 3 on the Billboard U.S. World Digital Songs Chart. It also nabbed the No. 1 spots on the Gaon Chart and K-pop Hot 100 Chart.

In Gaon, "Celebrity" by IU garnered a total of 135.9 million points last month.

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These are the Most Popular K-pop Songs on Genius for March 2021, According to Gaon.

1. "Rollin" by Brave Girls - 162.7 million points

2. "Celebrity" by IU - 135.9 million points

3. "My Starry Love" by Lim Youngwoong - 110.7 million points

4. "Love Day (2021)" by Yoseob and Eunji - 85.4 million points

5. "On the Ground" by Rosé - 79.7 million points

6. "Dynamite" by BTS - 76.9 million points

7. "Shiny Star (2020" by Kyoung Seo - 75.7 million points

8. "Don't Call Me" by SHINee - 65.9 million points

9. "I Will Be Your Shining Star" by Song Ihan - 63.4 million points

10. "Hold My Hand" by IU - 63 million points

Did your favorite track make it to the list? What else should be included? Sound off in the comment section below.

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