BLACKPINK Jennie, Red Velvet Irene, & More: Surgeon Reveals the 6 Most Popular Stars Among Clients

It is not a secret that South Korea is filled with drop dead gorgeous stars and that many want to have similar features as their favorites.

Plastic surgeons are not strangers to receiving requests to make their clients look like a certain star. In fact, a plastic surgeon revealed the six most popular stars among clients.

Want to know who the most popular stars are when it comes to cosmetic surgery? Keep on reading to find out!

No. 6: IZ*ONE's Jang Wonyoung

The youngest member of IZ*ONE, Jang Wonyoung, is the sixth most popular star among clients of cosmetic surgery. Many have called her the live-action "Snow White" for her doll-like and innocent features, and she is said to have a mix of good features from popular actresses Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hee Sun, and Jun Ji Hyun.

The plastic surgeon revealed that Jang Wonyoung is popular among women in their teens and early twenties, and would often get showed a picture of the IZ*ONE member.

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No. 5: Oh Yeon Seo

One of Korea's best actresses, Oh Yeon Seo, is the fifth most popular star among clients. She has been suspected of getting plastic surgery because of her beautifully straight nose that has a slight curve. In addition, her nose is narrow but doesn't look like it's pinched due to her perfect nose tip that is just wide enough.

No. 4: Suzy

The idol-turned-actress is the fourth most popular star among cosmetic surgery clients. According to the plastic surgeon, Suzy is number one when it comes to overall facial balance. In addition, Suzy is not only beautiful outside, but on the inside as well, with all of her continuous donations to charities and organizations!

No. 3: Girls' Generation's Yoona

Korea's "National Center," Yoona, is the third most popular star among clients. Yoona continues to amaze fans for her youthful looks that hasn't changed since she first debuted in 2007 with Girls' Generation. Surgeons have praised Yoona's facial features, saying her facial proportions are perfect and her eyes that naturally hang down when she laughs is beautiful.

No. 2: BLACKPINK's Jennie

Coming in as the second most popular star among clients is BLACKPINK's Jennie. Korea's "it girl" has a trendy face that exudes strength in its innocence, according to the plastic surgeon. Her round face and sexy cat eyes are what makes her face unique and not easy to imitate.

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No. 1: Red Velvet's Irene

Taking the top spot as the most popular star among cosmetic clients is Red Velvet's Irene! Irene, who was famous in her hometown, Daegu, for her beauty even before her debut, is said to be the most popular star when it comes to double eyelid surgery.

The plastic surgeon said that they often to double eyelid surgery similar to Irene's that they don't need to look at her picture for reference anymore!

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What are your thoughts on the top six stars?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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