ITZY Yuna Sheds Tears During Live Stream — This is Why

Following ITZY's first win for "Mafia in the Morning," member Yuna went on a live stream and shed tears as she spoke to the fans. Want to know why? Keep on reading for all the details!

ITZY's Yuna In Tears During Live Stream - This is Why

On May 6, ITZY bagged their first win for "Mafia in the Morning" on Mnet's music program, "M! Countdown." The girls score this win only six days after the song's release, making ITZY the fastest K-pop girl group to achieve a music show win for a song on a music program.

They previously held the record for "DALLA DALLA," which they earned nine days after the song's release.

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Following their first place win, Yuna took to V Live to chat with the fans and thank them for their support. During the live steam, Yuna spoke about how ITZY had undergone a concept change and that she was not satisfied with herself and was constantly putting effort into being better. She confessed that this was the first time she felt nervous preparing for a comeback.

She then spoke about wanting to enjoy the stage, so she gives happiness to the MIDYZs, their fan base. Yuna asks the fans to be healthy and happy, to eat all their meals, and stay warm during the bad weather. As she continued to speak about MIDYZs well-being, Yuna suddenly started shedding tears.

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Yuna confesses that she feels incredibly grateful for the fans. "Thank you for understanding us even if we do not say it," she tells the fans. She again asks fans to stay healthy and to wear their masks and tells them that she, too, is putting in the effort to stay healthy.

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For a moment, Yuna moves away from the camera to wipe her tears. She then tells fans that she is crying because she is thankful to the fans and not for any other emotions. Yuna soon tells the fans that on that day, Chaeryeon and her spoke about how nice it would be if they could celebrate that day with MIDYZs by their side and be with their fans for the encore stage.

Yuna then reveals that the members started their individual DearU Bubble accounts, and she was on the application reading messages fans have left her. As she read, she saw that fans only left words of love and gratitude for her. She said that she felt all the love from fans and that she was highly thankful to them.

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Yuna soon mentions that if she had never been a part of ITZY, she would have never gotten to experience this precious moment. She reveals that MIDYZs always make her feel special. She claims that she is not as great as MIDYz thinks and that she is just one of many 19-year-olds (Korean age), yet MIDYz always makes her feel special. This support helps Yuna become more confident both on and off-stage.

Yuna thanks fans for helping them achieve their first win for "Mafia in the Morning" and tells MIDYz that she loves them.

Congratulations on your first win, ITZY!

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