These Are The Most Confusing K-Pop Group Names to Pronounce

The K-Pop industry is known to debut groups with unique names, and sometimes they're so unique, fans get their pronunciations wrong! If you're an international K-Pop fan, there is a high chance that you may have mispronounced some of these groups' names at least once (or a bazillion times)! 

Want to know the real pronunciation of some group names? Then keep on reading to know more!

1. T1419

With numbers mostly used in their group name, T1419 have left fan confused on how to pronounce their name! For international fans, many pronounce T1419 as "tee-fourteen-nineteen." However, in Korean, their name is pronounced as "ti-il-sa-il-gu," which translates to "tee-one-four-one-nine." 

(Photo : Instagram; @t1419_official)

2. 3YE

A name that will probably get fans' tongue's twisted is the three-member girl group, 3YE's name. Many fans have various way to pronounce 3YE, such as "three-eye," "three-why-ee," "three-ye," and even someone said they pronounce it as "ye-ye-ye"! However, 3YE is actually pronounced as "third eye."

(Photo : Instagram: @3ye_official)

3. CIX

According to international fans, they have been pronouncing CIX as "six," but it's actually "see-eye-ex"!

(Photo : Twitter: @CIX_Official)

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Another confusing name is ATEEZ! Most have been pronouncing their name as "ah-teez," but it's actually pronounced as "ey-teez" or "eighties." Their fandom name, ATINY, can be confusing as well, but it's pronounced as "ah-teeny."

(Photo : Instagram: @ateez_official_)

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Probably one of the hardest names to pronounce is first-generation idols' SECHSKIES' name. Meaning "six pebbles" in German, SECHSKIES is pronounced as "zeks-keys." Koreans, however, pronounce their name as "jek-su-ki-su," following their phonetic alphabet.

(Photo : Facebook: SECHSKIES)

6. D1CE

Did you know that D1CE is actually pronounced as "dee-once" and not "dice"?!

(Photo : Twitter: @officialD1CE)

7. (G)I-DLE

There have been many variations on how international fan pronounce Cube Entertainment's girl group, (G)I-DLE's name. Many pronounce it as "giddle" or "g-idle," but it's actually just "idle." When the group uses their English name, they don't include the "(G)" in their pronunciation. However, in their Korean name, (G)I-DLE pronounces the "(G)" as "yeoja."

(Photo : Instagram: @official_g_idle)

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8. fromis_9

Fans have been pronouncing fromis_9 as how you would say it in English, but in the Korean phonetic alphabet, they don't have the "f" sound! That's why fromis_9 is pronounced as "promise-nine."

(Photo : Instagram: @officialfromis_9)

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How many group names have you been pronouncing wrong?

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Written by Robyn Joan



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