Where is GOT7 Now? Act 2 of the Seven-Member K-pop Band After Leaving JYP Entertainment

Where is GOT7 Now? Act 2 of the Seven-Member K-pop Band After Leaving JYP Entertainment
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After leaving JYP Entertainment, GOT7 now starts anew with their individual careers. But fans are also looking forward to their group activities in the forthcoming months. What are they up to now?

The seven-member K-pop group, GOT7, finally kicked off in the entertainment industry with their individual colors. Following not renewing their contract with JYP Entertainment, they agreed on continuing as a K-pop band despite being under separate agencies.

This marks the opening of its second arc of seven colors with seven members, which include solo tracks, musicals, and drama appearances.

Where is GOT7 now? Members Successfully Find their New Agencies + Solo Schedules

Starting with Jackson, Jackson from Hong Kong opened his solo career in China. In January, he had a speedy comeback with a new song, "Alone (一個人)." He also participated in the featuring of singer Rain's mini-album "MAGNETIC" which was released on March 3.

The Chinese K-pop star was also receiving praises for his impeccable skills as a composer, arranger, and director of music videos. Under his own label TEAM WANG, he has been releasing Hong Kong movie-inspired MVs such as "Pretty Please," and "LMLY."

After contract expiration with JYPE, Jackson's team signed a business agreement with Sublime Artist Agency. It is expected that he will release a new album in Korea by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, GOT7's leader JB, also known as Jay B signed with H1GHR Music spearheaded by Park Jaebum. The K-pop idol-turning hip-hop artist received applause for his release "Switch It Up" on May 14, in which he participated in writing.

Youngjae continues to grace his outstanding voice as Haram in the creative musical "Midnight Sun." He is currently an artist under Sublime Artist Agency.

In May, Youngjae also released an OST for K-Drama "So I Married an Anti-Fan," titled "Pop Star Ver. 1."

Another foreign member BamBam found its new nest in Korea with Abyss Company, house yo Sunmi, and Urban Zakapa. On June 15, the Thai-born idol is set to debut with his solo album, "riBBon." Attention is focused on the youngest member of the group who will show his new image as a solo artist.

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As for Yugyeom, he started his hip-hop career with AOMG, a brother label of H1GHR Music. To mark his fresh start, he will be releasing two new tracks on June 11 and 17.

Jinyoung, who nestled in BH Entertainment, plans to solidify his position as an actor. The rising actor is confirmed to star in tvN's new drama "Devil Judge" which will air for the first time on July 3.

 Jinyoung is also reportedly offered to star opposite in Kim Go Eun's new drama, "Yumi's Cells." Though it is not confirmed, fans are waiting for his appearance in the drama adaptation of a popular Webtoon.

Lastly, Mark reportedly returned to his native United States after his contract expired. He is staying there and continuing to communicate with global fans through SNS. In addition to his simple daily life, he also released a photo showing him concentrating on working on a new song in his studio, raising questions about his next activities.

GOT7 Comeback 2021: What Will Happen to the K-pop Group?

JB (Jay.B), Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom ade their debut as GOT7 in 2014. This year, they completed their exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment on January 19, 2021. Although they attested it was not official disbandment, it is expected that it will take some time to resume team activities as each of them is focusing on his personal schedule.

Although they are scattered, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the second act that GOT7 will write separately and together. All of the members expressed their strong will, not only for solo activities but also for group activities.

In fact, they released their latest group track, "ENCORE" last February to fulfill their promises as a band. GOT7 said, "We all want to continue to make music for IGOT7 and share it and spend time together in the future." "We will show you a good side of us growing differently as a reality, not just hope."

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