Former K-Pop Trainee Reveals Trainees Are Afraid to Open Up to Therapists - Here's Why

This is the reason why numerous trainees are not keen on talking about their mental health.

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Former K-Pop Trainee Reveals Trainees Are Afraid to Open Up to Therapists - Here's Why

Gina Maeng, a former K-Pop trainee who had trained under JYP Entertainment and other companies for a period of twelve years, shared in a Youtube video uploaded on her channel the reason why trainees and singers are afraid to open up to therapists, as well as talk about how the people in the K-Pop industry take care of their mental health.

Gina Maeng reveals that back in her day - during the time when she was a trainee - companies didn't have a system when it comes to taking care of mental health, as it was all about training and turning trainees into singers and good dancers. However, she notes that nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are trying to take care of their trainees' mental health.

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Although companies have improved in terms of taking care of their artists' mental health, Gina Maeng says otherwise. She explains that when you're training and your company introduces an in-house or outsourced therapist who will come and talk to them once a month, trainees will still be hesitant to talk to them. "Do you think that the trainees will actually fully open up and talk about all these issues?" asks Gina.

She continues explaining by saying that even when you have a fully trustworthy company therapist, trainees wouldn't talk about every single thing that stresses them about their training, as the therapists would have to relay the gist of their issues to the company - although not in full detail.

The main issue that trainees worry about is that they don't want to come off as "someone to be worried about," and instead, they want to come off as a "healthy, ready trainee who can debut at this moment," said Gina Maeng.

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What Can Companies Do?

The former trainee also shares her opinion on what companies can do in the future regarding a trainee's mental health. She says that instead of making the trainees consult and talk with a therapist provided by the company, the company should allow them to find their own therapists as each person has different progress with different therapists.

However, Gina Maeng thinks that there isn't a recording company that can afford to put in that much time, effort, and money to do that for their trainees.

Check out Gina Maeng's full video where she gives insight regarding an artist's mental health before and after their debut here.

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