ITZY Lia and April Naeun Bullying Controversies Reignite After Dismissal of Charge Against Victims: Who's Telling the Truth?

ITZY Lia and April Naeun Bullying Controversies Reignite After Dismissal of Charge Against Victims: Who's Telling the Truth?
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Suspicions of school violence by idol group members, including groups ITZY Lia and April Naeun, continue.

In particular, ITZY Lia was embroiled in a school violence accusation last February. Following her, K-pop group April and its member Naeun was also the speculated perpetrator of bullying to her former co-member Hyunjoo last April.

While both agencies took legal responses for defamation against the victim and witness, the members faced backlash and criticism when the police dismissed both charges.

ITZY Lia Bullying Allegations Sparked Once Again + Here's JYP Entertainment's Response

On June 13, Incheon Yeonsu Police Station posted progress about suspicions of Lia's school violence. According to their statement, the police decided not to charge Victim "A" who was accused of defamation under the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

In response, Lia's agency, JYP Entertainment expressed their unsatisfactory position saying, "It is difficult to accept the results as they are. If the results are clearer, we will decide how to respond."

To recall the case, victim "A" raised suspicions of idol's school violence in an online Korean community site. The victim described the perpetrator as a member of a top girl group born in 2000 with straight shoulders. Speculations arose that it is Lia, and JYP Entertainment immediately took legal action against the alleged victim.

The police explained that it has decided not to charge "A" due to lack of evidence that the school violence disclosure posted by "A" was a false claim and that the article was not intended to slander Lia, but merely expressed what she had actually gone through.

K-Netz then criticized JYP Entertainment and ITZY Lia following the police statement that there could be no defamation. Also, JYP was cornered for suing the victim when the police stated that no enough evidence is showing that the victim slander Lia's name.

There is a high voice of criticism against Lia, who actively worked with their latest comeback. JYP's policy of emphasizing the artist's personality has been overshadowed as well by a series of controversies from Hyunjin of Stray Kids to Lia.

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April Naeun Faces Backlash Following Her Alleged Sister's Post

On June 11, Naeun personally denied the bullying allegation after keeping silent for about four months.

On June 13, the idol's biological sister defended Naeun as well, lambasting the speculations that her sister bullied Hyunjoo. As proof, she also posted some of Naeun's diary entries, showing how weak and vulnerable she is that time to even bully someone.

But keen-eyed netizens saw an entry with the words, "The person that we hated, I'm disgusted just being with them, I hope they vanished in front of my eyes." Netizens are quick to claim that it could be an entry about Hyunjoo. As of writing, the sister turned her Instagram into private after allegedly spilling Naeun's bullying.

Prior to this, Seoul Gwanak Police Station didn't charge Lee Hyunjoo acquaintance as well, who was sued by DSP Entertainment for revealing that the former idol was indeed bullied by April members. Due to this, DSP plans to file an appeal against the dismissal of the defamation charge against the acquaintance.

Eyes are focused if what will be the result of the cases, and to come up if who's actually telling the truth between ITZY Lia, April Naeun, and its agencies against the victims and witnesses.

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