JYP Entertainment Criticized for 'Shielding' Stray Kids Hyunjin, ITZY Lia amid Bullying Issues + Called Out for Contradicting Actions

JYP Entertainment, the agency of Stray Kids Hyunjin and ITZY Lia, anger the online community due to its assumed complacency towards its artists' bullying issues.

On June 15, the company appealed for a re-investigation against the decision of the police, related to ITZY Lia's school violence case. It was after the Incheon Yeonsu Police Station dismissed the defamation charge the agency filed to the complainant "A."

Earlier, Stray Kids Hyunjin was also involved in a bullying scandal, which JYPE denied immediately. The agency also took legal actions against the alleged victim. But days after, the idol himself admitted his past wrongdoings and apologized personally to fans and the victim.

JYP Entertainment Called Out for Contradicting Actions: "In order to become a JYP artist, your character is more significant than your skills."

In the past, the founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jinyoung consistently emphasized the significance of personality.

In particular, during Mnet's "SIXTEEN" where TWICE was formed, he reminded the trainees that the standard of a person is rather based on character and personality, aside from the skills.

Looking back, AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC Founder of Park Jaebum suffered an unfortunate fate under JYP Entertainment. He was the former leader and member of 2PM, but his contract was terminated due to his MySpace controversy.

Yoon Seobin, a former trainee of the agency, whose popularity rose during "Produce x 101," was also kicked out due to the school violence scandal that sparked during her stint in the show.

Due to these, the agency has been subject to criticisms for "covering up" alleged bully artists, including Hyunjin and Lia.

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JYP Entertainment Earns Backlash for "Wrapping" Artists

On sensitive issues like school violence, the complacency of JYP Entertainment is angering the internet users. 

Like Stray Kids Hyunjin, who admitted to school violence, still appeared on his own content without stopping his activities and is also signaling return, after the agency confirmed the group's comeback.

In February, the male idol admitted to the school violence rumor. This caused a backlash to JYP Entertainment for suing the victim and initially denying the incident. 

As a response, the company said on the group's fan cafe, "Hyunjin will stop all activities and reflect on his own."

However, even during self-reflection, Hyunjin appeared in Stray Kids' own contents, and on the official SNS, Hyunjin's birthday celebration, and his illustration for their third anniversary were posted -  all in all fueling the controversy. The move that steadily reveals the possibility of his return sparks public antipathy.

Meanwhile, Lia, who initially denied the claims, received criticism after the police released a statement that they dismissed the defamation charge filed against the victim.

The police judged it was only an expression of what the complainant went through and it was hard to conclude if it was written to slander Lia.

However, JYP Entertainment said, "It is difficult to accept the results as they are. We will decide how to respond when the progress is clearer."

Some online users criticize the company for shielding Lia and Hyunjin, while others demand the withdrawal of the two artists.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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