BTS RM, Apink Naeun & More: Top Korean Idols Who Are 'Language Genius'

BTS RM, APINK Naeun, and more are actually often praised for their English that is comparable to Native speakers!

With the continuously rising popularity of the Korean pop genre around the world, there is no doubt that K-pop isn't for Koreans only now. Due to this, the influx of non-Korean idols and international fans is also increasing, proving the global growth of K-pop.

However, one of the communication barriers that the music industry faces is language differences. Due to this, several K-pop idols, especially Koreans, are doing their best to learn other languages in able to converse with their global supporters.

Here are the Top 5 Korean Idols Who Can Speak Other Languages:

[Disclaimer: The list only includes K-pop idols that are pure Koreans who didn't live and study abroad for years]


BTS leader RM is undoubtedly one of the best English speakers among other idols. This is evident during international interviews, award ceremonies, as well as during the UN General Assembly. In fact, RM also serves as an interpreter to some BTS members who are just learning the language.

With his fluent English that is comparable to native speakers, you would think that he grew up or studied. But, the Korean idol with an IQ of 148 actually learned the language with steady efforts. He first learns to speak English with the help of watching American series such as "Friends."

Aside from English, RM also speaks Korean and Japanese, making him multilingual.

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2.Apink Son Naeun

Naeun is one of the female idols who never lived abroad but flaunts off fluent English. During overseas promotions and activities, the idol would introduce the members in English, receiving praise.

When she appeared in JTBC's "Let's Eat Dinner Together," Naeun shared that when she was a student, she's faithful in her studies, and she even became a leader in their school. She also boasted several awards and painting skills.

3. Jang Wonyoung

Wonyoung, a former member of global group IZ*ONE, also surprised tvN's "Problematic Men" cast with their English conversation with Tyler.

The American personality in Korea admired her accent and diction, saying, "Your pronunciation is very good." Well, Wonyoung learned the language since she was seven.

Rather than attending a Korean kindergarten school, her parents opted to send her to an English kindergarten school.

When she debuted in IZ*ONE, Wonyoung's ability to learn Japanese quickly was also observed. During their Japanese promotions, she impressed fans with her capability to carry on basic to intermediate conversations.

4. EXID Hani

Hani of EXID, one of the most popular girls in the music industry, is actually fluent in not only English but also Chinese. She appeared on many entertainment shows earlier and said several times that she was an honor student who studied hard during her school days.

Hani is the real epitome of beauty, personality, and brains, who scored 900 points on TOEIC after studying for two months.

5.SHINee Key

SHINee Key is a member that boasts fluent English skills. He actually learns the language through an exchange program for about six months when he was still a student, continuously improving as the years goes by.

Now, in addition to English, Key is fluent in speaking Japanese and is currently learning Chinese. Recently, he has attracted attention by showing off his foreign language skills in each country through live broadcasting and surprise video calls with fans.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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