HYBE Criticized for Fan-Wooing, Supposed Use of BTS' Butter Cookies to Increase Museum Ticket Sales

HYBE Criticized for Fan Wooing, Allegedly Used BTS' Butter Cookies to Increase Museum Ticket Sales
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HYBE, the agency of the global group BTS, upset fans due to limited edition butter cookies. 

On June 24, some ARMYs and internet users complained to HYBE Corporation after the agency supposedly revealed too much business in HYBE's Museum - by using BTS to "fish" ticket sales.

Due to this, a slew of fans accused the agency of wooing fans by using limited edition BTS butter cookies, a rule that's changed just a day before it opened.

HYBE Accused of Fan-Wooing by Using BTS Butter Cookies

On June 22, HYBE initially announced they will sell limited edition of "Butter Cookies" goods. This is in commemoration of the huge success of BTS' new track, "Butter."


According to the previous announcement, they would sell butter cookies in limited quantities for two days only on June 24 and July 1 at the HYBE Insight Museum Shop, which is operated for a fee.

As a result, ARMYs rushed to purchase tickets for the museum with an admission fee of 25,000 won. Just two hours after the notice was posted, all tickets were sold out for June 24 schedule.

But on the June 23 at 8 p.m. KST, HYBE posted a new notice, announcing how the butter cookies will be sold. According to the new method, instead of selling the butter cookies, the agency will provide opportunities to all fans by winning through a draw lot.

In response, fans who thought they could buy "butter cookies" when they entered the museum tried to cancel their tickets to the museum with great disappointment, but even that was impossible. According to agency's regulations, the museum ticket cannot be canceled one day before admission.

Upset fans remarked, "You fished to sell tickets to the museum," "The agency that smears BTS' face," "You know you hold fans through their wallet."

Others also expressed frustrations over the taste of the butter cookies. According to those who won, it tasted just like other butter cookies, but with BTS "Butter" logo.

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HYBE Apologizes to Fans, Explains the Lottery is for Safety and Protection Against Resellers

The controversy got bigger as some fans started to report it to the Korea Consumer Agency for unfair sales. Fans who drew for the purchase of limited edition butter cookies on HYBE Insight as scheduled were mixed in "WIN," which means winning, and "SORRY," which means losing.

Later on, HYBE explained their side and said that the draw was inevitable for safety.

They said, "The raffle sales method is a way to evenly provide purchase opportunities that can be concentrated only in the morning session, prevent resellers from hoarding and prevent accidents caused by congestion of buyers."

They also apologized, saying, "We deeply apologize for not fully explaining the specific sales method in advance. We will refund only those who booked in HYBE Insight on the 24th after the sales notice on the 22nd."

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