Brave Girls Yuna Slammed for Allegedly Being a Feminist, Agency Responds

Brave Girls Yuna
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Brave Girls Yuna is in the hot seat after quoting a feminist's term allegedly used in "man-hating." The idol and her agency, later on, released their statements regarding the claims. 

The controversy sparked when Brave Girls appeared on their Naver NOW's new entertainment program, "쁘캉스 (Bbucance)." In the broadcast, the members showed their various skills and talents, drawing attention from K-pop fans.

However, there is a specific part where Yuna mentioned a supposed feminist remark, which didn't sit well with the male online community. 

Brave Girls Yuna, a Feminist? Male Internet Users Criticize the Idol

Korean male internet users accused the Brave Girls member of being a feminist on various online communities.

According to them, Yuna used the word, "oh jo oh eok, " which is a slang word that initially means "so many" and literally translated as "5,000,500,000,000 (5 trillion 500 million)." It is usually used to describe something so many and is commonly used by women in their 20s to 30s.

However, men think that this is a term used by online feminists against them. In context, it is allegedly a misogynistic term that means, "There are unnecessarily 5.5 trillion sperm in men."

However, Yuna actually said, "나 5조억 점 땄다 (na 5-jo eok)" wherein she implied that she got 5 trillion points. But this incident caused her to be the receiving end of malicious comments on social media and accusations of hating men.

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Brave Girls Yuna Responds, Brave Brothers Releases Official Statement

Following the allegations, Yuna revealed in a now-deleted Instagram Story a harsh DM sent to her by a netizen.

Brave Entertainment CEO Brave Brothers then warned these malicious internet users of taking legal action against them on their Instagram.

On June 28, the agency stated, "We recently confirmed malicious slander, groundless dissemination of false information, and personal attacks on our artists. [...] We have completed collecting primary evidence and want to proceed with legal action through a law firm to protect our artists."

This is not the first time that a female idol was condemned for being a feminist. In 2020, Red Velvet Joy and Irene were attacked for wearing a "feminist" shirt and reading a book about feminism, respectively.

Seolhyun of AOA was also embroiled in a controversy of being a feminist due to her SNS followings, while Son Naeun who wore a mobile phone case with the phrase "GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING," was also criticized by the male community.

Even soloist IU was accused of being a feminist in the past for wearing a shirt with the print, "If you are not angry, you are not paying attention," which was sold in an allegedly feminist-driven shop.

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