Former EXO Kris Accused of Seducing Underage Girls

[TW: mentions of depression, suicide, and child grooming]

Former EXO member Kris Wu is under fire for allegedly deceiving and seducing underage girls. Keep on reading for all the details.

Kris Wu Accused of Dating Numerous Girls at Once

Back in May 2021, Kris was accused of dating famous internet celebrity Xiao Yi Tong Xue, whose real name is Chen Ziyi, after CCTV footage of the two at a movie theater was leaked online. The idol allegedly rented out the whole theatre for their date.

Xiao Yi Tong Xue
(Photo : Xiao Yi Tong Xue Instagram)

The idol released a statement through his personal studio, saying the theater was suspected of infringing on Kris' privacy. They claimed that Kris was on an outing with friends, but the videos and photos were maliciously edited to only show Kris Wu leaving and entering the theater with a girl.

(Photo : Kris Wu Weibo)

However, following the claims, Du Meizhu, an 18-year-old college student, claimed that Kris Wu dated her and soon ghosted her.

Internet celebrity Xiang Yunjie also released a statement saying that she and Kris had gotten to know each other and were attracted to one another.

Claims from numerous women led Kris Wu's studio to pursue legal action against these internet users.

Kris Wu Accused by Du Meizhu for Seducing and Deceiving Minors

On July 8, Du Meizhu took to her Weibo and accused Kris Wu of flirting with underage girls. After experiencing death threats and cyberbullying from Kris Wu's fans, the Chinese student claimed that she could not accept it after knowing the truth.

After revealing that she had been struggling with depression and suicidal tendencies for a month, she then revealed that Kris Wu has a separate WeChat number to text underage girls.

Du Meizhu
(Photo : Du Meizhu Weibo)

Du Meizhu then says that Kris Wu preys after girls born after 2000, as well as underage girls preparing for China's national college entrance exam. Out of respect for the girls, she did not mention any names. However, she states that she heard from other women who have had similar experiences and provided screenshots as evidence.

Du Meizhu stated that Kris Wu lures girls in under the premise that he is casting a leading lady for his music video or is looking to sign a new artist to his studio. He would then invite them to hang out, play drinking games with them, and get them drunk. Kris would also coax these underage girls into dating him.

However, he would then take photos of these underage girls at drinking parties and show them to people "as if they were merchandise." Du Meizhu stresses that she has no reason to illegally accuse Kris Wu just for attention as she is speaking out on behalf of the underage girls Kris has deceived.

Du Meizhu states, however, that Kris Wu's WeChat number and his alleged middleman's WeChat number have already been deactivated.

Kris Wu Threatens Legal Action Against Du Meizhu + Du Meizhu Responds

Following these accusations, Kris Wu released a statement through his studio announcing legal action. They state that they are shocked that Du Meizhu would go so far as to attract attention and strongly condemn her malicious slander.

Kris Wu
(Photo : Kris Wu Weibo)

They claimed that Du Meizhu has published many false statements concerning Kris Wu and forged fake WeChat screenshots to seriously damage Kris Wu's reputation.

On July 9, Du Meizhu released a statement claiming that all she wanted was Kris's apology. Furthermore, she revealed that she is preparing to file a case against the idol and will actively cooperate with them to unearth the identity of the owners of the Weibo and WeChat accounts.

In her statement, she also tags the police and the People's Daily, China's official newspaper.

Du Meizhu
(Photo : Du Meizhu Weibo)

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