Chinese Internet Users Claim K-pop is Plagiarized from Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Amid the tension between C-Netz and K-Netz following the Chinese K-pop idols ban petition, some Chinese internet users claimed that the whole "K-POP" is plagiarized from China, particularly their nursery rhymes and pop songs.

On July 13, K-pop fans and K-Netz are frustrated with Chinese internet users' "absurd" claim that K-pop plagiarized children's songs and pop songs of China.

Chinese Media Platform "Bilibili" Posted a Comparison Video of K-pop Songs and Chinese Children Songs

After saying that Kimchi and Hanbok's origin is China, Bilibili posted a comparison video of K-pop songs and Chinese nursery rhymes, implying that K-pop also copied the latter.

Chinese Internet Users Claim K-pop is Plagiarized from Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs
(Photo : BLACKPINK Instagram)

In the video, songs by famous idols such as I.O.I, Sunmi, BLACKPINK, Big Bang, Red Velvet, and Super Junior appeared.The clip highlighted how the popular K-pop songs used similar flows as Chinese nursery rhymes and songs, including the notes.

Although some indeed sound similar, other videos and parts were forced to be plagiarized. The video editor slowed down or added speed to the K-pop songs to match the said plagiarized Chinese songs.

In particular, Bilibili is one of the largest video streaming platforms in China. It is like YouTube, aside from Bilibili focused more on anime, cartoons, etc.

Thus, having large followings and users, Chinese Internet users began to make absurd claims when the video was uploaded, such as, "K-pop plagiarized Chinese children's songs."

Some Chinese netizens added, "I don't know where Korean fans' superiority comes from," and "Did you buy or plagiarize copyright?"

In particular, one netizen even conveyed, "In the end, Chinese children's songs have led the global music trend for decades."

Chinese Internet Users Claim K-pop is Plagiarized from Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs
(Photo : Red Velvet Instagram)

It was a comment with no basis and poor logic, but the response of the Chinese people was tremendous. The number of likes has exceeded 70,000.

There are reactions from K-Netz that it is seriously controversial as the absurd claim might be taken by some as a fact.

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K-Netz Criticism to Chinese Idols Continue As they Ask K-pop Industry to Ban Their Activities in Korea

While Korean netizens are infuriated by the aforementioned claims, Chinese K-pop fans and international supporters are also questioning K-Netz for creating a Blue House petition to ban K-pop idols from China.

There is tension between Chinese and Korean netizens. The latter explained that Chinese-born K-pop idols earn money and receive love from domestic fans while they keep on supporting China.

Chinese Internet Users Claim K-pop is Plagiarized from Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs
(Photo : WayV Instagram)a

Some idols, including EXO Lay, GOT7 Jackson, f(x) Victoria, SEVENTEEN Jun and The8, EVERGLOW Yiren, NCT Dream Renjun & Chenle, WayV, etc. are being in the hot seat after supporting Xinjiang Cotton and posting about how China remember the Korean war as "Anti-US aid" war, congratulating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party and more.

However, international and Chinese fans defended the K-pop idols, explaining that it is still their roots and they can't just turn their back against China, not to mention that they will receive sour reactions from the Chinese if they do not support their origin country.

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