These 10 Visual Idols Look Like Actual Fallen Angels

These ten K-pop idols have visuals that make them look like actual angels from heaven.

1. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan

(Photo : SEVENTEEN Twitter)

Jeonghan is part of SEVENTEEN's unofficial visual line, which fans have popularized. The idol is famous for his androgynous beauty and his pretty visuals. He is able to pull off both long and short hair and has no problem flowing between feminine and masculine concepts.

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2. NU'EST Ren

(Photo : Ren Instagram)

Similar to Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN, NU'EST member Ren is known for his androgynous beauty. The idol has no problem embracing feminine styles and concepts but can show off a masculine side if needed. His cute and gentle visuals are well-loved among fans.

3. TXT Beomgyu

(Photo : TXT Twitter)

Beomgyu's clear and sharp features immediately attract attention. In addition, the TXT member has big eyes with double eyelids, fair skin, and straight eyebrows.

His youthful looks have stunned fans, and it helps that the idol is 180cm tall!

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4. TWICE Sana

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

With her cutie-sexy duality and her large doe-like eyes, TWICE member Sana definitely looks like an angel!

In addition, the idol is blessed with a high nose bridge, a v-shaped jaw, and an adorable aegyo-sal.

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5. EXO Xiumin

(Photo : Xiumin Instagram)

Have you found the fountain of youth, Xiumin? It is almost impossible to believe the EXO member is 31 years old already!

The idol is blessed with a small baby face, big eyes, a v-shaped jaw, and milky white skin that enhances his pure look.

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6. Oh My Girl Arin

(Photo : Arin Instagram)

This Oh My Girl member is often called "Princess Arin" due to her overflowing kindness and grace. Perhaps another nickname that would suit her is "Angel Arin"!

The idol has gained fame over the past years due to her clear visuals, small face, large eyes, and slim nose.

7. fromis_9 Nakyung

(Photo : Nakyung Instagram)

Nakyung previously gained attention for her small face and her big eyes. While many have said she looks like an elf, her pure visuals, and aegyo-filled personality makes her appear angelic!

Additionally, the idol is known for her thin nose and sharp v-shaped jaw.

8. BTS Jimin

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

Compared to the other BTS members, Jimin has the most feminine look. While his overall visuals tend to lean on the cute side, Jimin has no problem tacking masculine concepts and driving fans crazy with his duality!

Jimin is also graced with a small face, v-shaped jaw, and full lips.

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9. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon
(Photo : Park Jihoon Instagram)

How can we forget the iconic wink boy from "Produce 101 Season 2"? The idol has gained fame for his cute and youthful visuals, as well as for being a master at creating aegyo moves!

However, Park Jihoo's most notable feature is his doe-like eyes; many fans have said that his double eyelids are the standard most people dream of!

10. Girls' Generation Taeyeon

(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Taeyeon's doll-like visuals make her look positively angelic. The idol has an ethereal glow to her, and many agree that her visuals paired with her powerful voice is a match made in heaven.

How can someone so petite and gentle-looking have such otherworldly talents?

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Know any other idols that should have made it to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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