BLACKPINK Rosé Sheds Tears While Performing on 'Sea of Hope' — This is Why

BLACKPINK Rosé Sheds Tears While Performing on 'Sea of Hope' — This is Why
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BLACKPINK member Rosé shed tears while performing during an appearance on the JTBC program "Sea of Hope."

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This is Why BLACKPINK Rosé Cried While Performing

On the July 20 episode of the JTBC program "Sea of Hope," BLACKPINK member Rosé appeared as a guest and helped serve as a seaside bar. While she was there to serve drinks, the show's purpose is also to showcase their musical talent. So with that, Rosé performed for the customers at the seaside bar live.

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During her appearance on the show, Rosé revealed how nervous she was, as it was her first time working as a server.

When it was Rosé's turn to perform, she sang the late Yoo Jae Ha's song "Because I Love You." But, while she was singing, the BLACKPINK member suddenly burst into tears and surprised everyone.

The idol revealed why she was crying, saying that she was very worried about how to tackle this song. During her first attempts at singing the song, she sang it normally. After that, she tried her hardest to immerse herself in the emotions of the song, but she was unable to do so. So she went home and thought a lot about how she should sing.

"I just came here and sang [the song], but I somehow thought of my parents." She said that while singing, she could feel a little love for herself as if it was someone watching her.

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The female idol then added, "I felt like crying without realizing it. I do not think I expressed it well, but I understand my parents' love for me when I listen to this song."

During her appearance on this episode, Rosé also song Paramore's "The Only Exception."

BLACKPINK Rosé Earns Praise From John Mayer for Her Cover of 'Slow Dancing in a Burning Room' + Receives Guitar as Gift

This is the second time the idol appeared on the show. The "On The Ground" singer also appeared on the show's first episode, which aired on June 29. During her appearance in the pilot, the idol performed John Mayer's popular hit single "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room."

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The idol's cover of the song earned her praise from the original singer, who took to Instagram to share a clip from her performance to his Stories. John Mayer tagged the idol and stated the cover was "gorgeous." He added a swipe-up link to his Stories so his followers can watch her cover too.

John Mayer
(Photo : John Mayer Instagram)

Rosé share John Mayer's Stories with her own, expressing disbelief and shock that the original singer of "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" would watch and share her cover.

(Photo : Rosé Instagram)

Following their exchange on social media, John Mayer gifted Rosé a pink electric guitar. The guitar was designed by John Mayer himself in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars and featured his autograph at the back. John Mayer sent the guitar as a "thank you" gift.

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Rosé shared the gift to her stories, saying her life was now "complete."

(Photo : Rosé Instagram)

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