'Blind Package' of JYP's New Girl Group Sells 40,000 Pre-order Copies in 5 Days

Even without revealing the members' faces, JYP Entertainment's "Blind Package" for its new girl group that will debut in 2022 – achieved an incredible pre-order record!

On June 22, Korean media news outlets reported that the pre-order for "Blind Package," a special promotion of JYP Entertainment for its new girl group gained favorable responses from K-pop enthusiasts.

JYP's New Girl Group Dropped Pre-Debut Merch "Blind Package", Achieves 40,000 Pre-order Sales

'Blind Package' of JYP's New Girl Group Sells 40,000 Pre-order Copies in 5 Days
(Photo : JYPn Twitter)

As of July 21, the unknown package already achieved a pre-order volume of about 40,000 copies in just five days after its release.

From July 16, the start of the pre-order, to July 21, the fifth day of the selling period, "Blind Package" recorded 39,545 copies or approximately 40,000 copies.

In addition to this, on the 16th and 18th, the pre-order package also topped daily charts on major online music sites such as Hot Tracks, Interpark on the 17th, and Yes24 on the 18th and 19th.

'Blind Package' of JYP's New Girl Group Sells 40,000 Pre-order Copies in 5 Days
(Photo : JYPn Twitter )

Though the only hint in the unknown promotion is the year of the new group's debut, which is in 2022, the pre-order sales in five days proved that several K-pop fans are anticipating JYP's new girl group.

In particular, there are skeptical responses after JYP Entertainment introduced the "Blind Package,", but on the flip side, there are also high expectations from JYP Entertainment due to their confidence in promoting the new girl group without revealing their faces and information.

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JYP's New Girl Group and "Blind Package": Further Details and Information

'Blind Package' of JYP's New Girl Group Sells 40,000 Pre-order Copies in 5 Days
(Photo : JYPn Instagram)

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment first announced the debut of its upcoming girl group on July 9. Through its new SNS channel, " JYPn," the agency unveiled posters introducing the "Blind Package."

Aside from the group's members, the "n" from "JYPn" also caught the attention of K-pop fans. In context, "n" is comprised of infinite possibilities such as "next," "now," "new," or "unknown" – which could be the concept of the new girl group as well.

What's in the box and where to buy "Blind Package"?

Back to the "Blind Package," K-pop supporters can pre-order it on various record sites, both in Korea or abroad. The pre-order period already started on July 16 and will end on July 25.

The package contains limited-edition CDs, photo books, photo cards, posters, premium membership cards, and random polaroids.
If you will pre-order, the buyer who will get the premium membership will also get a chance to join a separate event. The winners will be determined through a raffle, and special benefits also await for supporting the group and believing in the infinite possibilities of "n."

On the other hand, some internet users are already suspecting a possible lineup and members that could be included in the new girl group.

Some fans who have been supporting JYP Entertainment for a long time mentioned Lily M, who is a popular trainee in the agency, who's been training for about seven years now. Along with her, Oh Haewon, Ahn Yuna, Lee Hayul, Lee Jiwoo, Gyu Jin, and Jin Sol are also some of the prospective members of the rookie group that will be unveiled in February 2022.

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