Giorgio Leone IT brings a new wave in International Music

Giorgio Leone IT brings a new wave in International Music
(Photo : Giorgio Leone)

Carving out space for himself as a Dj and musician in the realm of the global musical stage, Giorgio Leone (IT) has founded his group "Our Muzik" which has succeeded in bringing a new trend in the area of recreation and creativity.

Giorgio's "Our Muzik Records" is the first house/techno label in Taiwan. It charts a new vista as this group held underground parties and a large number of colourful events including Yellow Summer Groove which shot into prominence at the global level. Born in Catania in Italy, this young musical talent currently is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Giorgio is now 30 years old. At a small age, however, he has become quite a known entity internationally in the field of stage performance and occupied an enviable space as a musical talent reflecting his creativity in this niche.

Showing his inclination in music and stage performance from an early age, this Italy-born musical talent started showing his strong interest for Techno, Tech-House and House music but of commercial less features as a young boy. It proves the music attracted him from childhood which fructified in proving his talent subsequently.

How Giorgio turned into a musical figure gives us a very interesting picture. As a young man, Giorgio began to visit Catania's techno scene. It may be mentioned here that Catania has a very rich culture and musical trend dating back to several centuries.

Thus, we cannot rule out the profound impact of Catania's musical heritage on Giorgio. He imbibed it, expressed it through his own creativity and occupied a place for himself most successfully in subsequent years.

This is natural as the place where we are born certainly affects the psyche of a person. Such persons often show a tendency to further cultivate it. Many achieve success in it with Giorgio being one.

At Catania studios of music, Giorgio had the chance to meet and interact with other musical producers, singers and DJs. This created an impact on him as he was attracted to music and DJs. Finally, this made him decide to make music and DJs his career.

Giorgio subsequently began his musical career as a disk jockey. That was his entry into this field or the first step towards becoming a DJ and musician. He then decided to blend human emotions and feelings into the music. He succeeded in doing so and people liked it very much.

Encouraged by people's positive response, Giorgio then embarked upon developing his own musical style and their presentation blending creativity in it. He got massive positive vibes from his audience who liked and loved this creativity. In fact, they found newness in his presentations.

Soon Giorgio came to be known as someone who can enthral the audience with musical numbers that marked departure from the traditional ones. This not only made him very popular but also put him on a high pedestal in the modern musical world. ​

Giorgio's latest creative piece The Heartless, a single number, has just been released to enamour the audience. This is available on almost all musical platforms. Giorgio has created a strong base in Taiwan and a very large fan base across the world. He has most successfully performed for EXTRA Taiwan, Drunk Play, PONG, Triangle and Nu Zone.

Giorgio is particularly known for creating a sense of euphoria among his audience through his musical numbers and vivid way of presentation of the numbers. He most successfully put forth human emotions through his songs. This has made him one of the most sought after performers in Taiwan.

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