Idol Chart Reveals 19 'Korean Singers with Best Voice to Beat the Summer Heat'

Eunji, Yoseop, Joy
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There are numerous Korean singers with impressive vocals, but K-pop idols Red Velvet Joy, WINNER Seungyoon, Apink Eunji, aespa NingNing, LOONA Chu, and more are absolutely singers with cool voices that can blow off the heatwave!

Based on Idol Chart rankings released on July 27, Lee Chan Won, Ha Sung Woon, Red Velvet Joy, WINNER Seungyoon, and more are the Korean singers with the coolest voices that will beat the summer heat.

Ha Sung Woon, WINNER Seungyoon, Highlight Yoseop, and More: Male Korean Singers With Coolest Voice

From July 19 to July 25, Idol Chart held a poll with the question, "Which star has a cool voice to blow off the heatwave?"

At the end of the voting period, Lee Chan Won, a trot singer topped the list with 69,937 votes out of 101,041 votes.

Following Chan Won, former Wanna One and Hotshot member Ha Sung Woon ranked second place with 14,667 votes. His former co-member Park Jihoon then ranked third place, with 4,965 votes.

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Rookie idols AB6IX Jeon Woong and ENHYPEN Heeseung entered the rankings as well. Both have been showing incredible potential to grow as best vocalists of the new K-pop generation.

Meanwhile, K-pop idol vocalists WINNER Seungyoon and Highlight Yang Yoseop also entered the rankings, securing the 8th and 11th spots, respectively. Indeed, the two are known as top-tier singers, who are praised by music critics.

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Red Velvet Joy, Apink Eunji, LOONA Chu: Female Korean Singers with the Coolest Voice

As for the female K-pop idols who reigned in the top 19, Oh My Girl Seung Hee ranked in No. 6 with 1287 votes. The main vocalist is always regarded for her powerful vocals, which are charismatic yet soothing at the same time.

LOONA Chu then rank 16th, who is famous not only for her lovely appearance but for her beautiful voice as well.

Brave Girls Minyoung and Apink Eunji who are both second-generation icons then placed at No. 10 and No. 13. Both are vocal powerhouses of their groups, who can reach high notes without giving up the emotion of their songs.

Also, SM Entertainment's vocalists entered the top 19. This includes Red Velvet Joy and aespa NingNing who ranked No. 18 and No. 19, consecutively.

Initially, both idols were criticized for their vocals, despite SM Entertainment being home to amazing vocalists.

However, Joy and NingNing proved that they are also incredible singers with their unique vocal tones and colors, along with their versatile range.

In addition to K-pop idols, some of Korea's best vocalists including Kim Bum Soo, vocal groups such as Jannabi, Davichi, and BIG MAMA also made it into the Top 19 rankings.

Here's the Complete List of the Idol Chart Poll:

1. Lee Chan Won
2. Ha Sung Woon
3. Park Jihoon
4. Hongja
5. Yang Jieun
6. Oh My Girl Seunghee
7. Kim Bum Soo
8. WINNER Lee Seungyoon
10. Brave Girls Minyoung
11. Highlight Yang Yoseop
12. Jannabi
13. Apink Jung Eunji
14. Davichi
15. AB6IX Jeon Woong
16. LOONA Chu
17. ENHYPEN Heeseung
18. Red Velvet Joy
19. aespa NingNing

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