AfreecaTV BJ Has Mental Breakdown After Being Compared to BLACKPINK Jisoo

AfreecaTV BJ FreshTomato had a mental breakdown after being flooded with negative comments comparing her to BLACKPINK member Jisoo. Keep on reading to learn more.

AfreecaTV BJ Tomato Has Meltdown After Being Compared to BLACKPINK Jisoo

On August 13, BLACKPINK appeared on a live stream to promote PUBG. The stream was broadcasted to AfreecaTV for South Korean viewers, and those tuning in could watch the girls playing the video game with a professional e-sports team. Following the live stream, many people praised Jisoo's visuals.

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The "Snowdrop" idol-actress visuals got praised for being goddess-like despite the natural light. Many noted that official broadcasts such as these are often avoided by female BJs (broadcast jockeys) since there is no program or light that could filter their face, revealing their true beauty.

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However, Jisoo showed no worries about such things, boasting flawless and overwhelming visuals in her shots. Jisoo became a hot topic due to this, but so did another AfreecaTV BJ. BJ FreshTomato became a hot topic, but the reason was the opposite of why Jisoo started trending.

BJ FreshTomato
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Previously, AfreecaTV BJ FreshTomato appeared on an official AfreecaTV broadcast before Jisoo. Because of this, some viewers compared FreshTomato's beauty with Jisoo's beauty at the time and sent the former disparaging remarks about her appearance. Some people even shared screenshots of Tomato and Jisoo to online community forums to compare their visuals.

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On August 15, FreshTomato revealed she suffered a mental breakdown because of these comments. On her AfreecaTV community page, she uploaded a post titled "This is not okay."

BJ FreshTomato
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Her post reads:

"I thought I would be fine if I took a break

But I am so upset about the constant mention of the workshop cams.

There is even an article about people comparing my appearance to other people.

Comparing me to top-ranked celebrities has crossed the lines.

If I did something wrong, I would rather spend time thinking about it and reflecting on myself.

But it is not that; it is purely a problem with my face.

So I do not even want to look in the mirror. What should I do?

I thought I would be okay if I laughed, but I am not okay at all.

Do not look for me... I am going to hide..."

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BLACKPINK Recent Activities

BLACKPINK appeared on a live stream to promote the Chinese video game PUBG on August 13. The girls appeared in the event and played the video game alongside a professional Korean e-sports team.

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"BLACKPINK: THE MOVIE" made its international premiere on August 8, while it made its Japanese premiere on August 4. Back on June 15, the company announced the K-pop girl group would kickstart a project titled "4 + 1" to celebrate their fifth anniversary as a group.

On August 3, the Japanese version of BLACKPINK's studio album "THE ALBUM" was released. This version of "THE ALBUM" includes Japanese versions of the songs "You Never Know," "Pretty Savage," "How You like that," and "Lovesick Girls," as well as their English songs."

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