TWICE Jeongyeon Relationship — Why was the ‘What is Love?’ Songstress Linked to BTS Jimin?

TWICE is one of the representative girl groups of the third generation of K-pop, and with that, many members have been linked to other idols. Even Jeongyeon has had her fair share of dating rumors! Keep on reading to learn more about the idol's relationship status and past dating rumors!

TWICE Jeongyeon Relationship — Why was the ‘What is Love?’ Songstress Linked to BTS Jimin?
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Did TWICE Jeongyeon Date BTS Jimin?

Rumors that TWICE member Jeongyeon and BTS member Jimin have been circling since 2017. While others believe that the two do not like each other, some believe the two are in a secret relationship and are simply trying to hide it. Here are the few instances that made fans believe the two are dating.

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In 2017, both TWICE and BTS were backstage in "Music Bank" to promote their comebacks, "Knock Knock" and "Spring Day," respectively. At the time, all the members of TWICE appeared very friendly and interacted with BTS as colleagues, but only Jeongyeon appeared stoic when looking at BTS.

Jeongyeon Jimin
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The camera would often catch Jimin glancing at Jeongyeon, but the female idol remained quiet.

That same year, TWICE appeared backstage on "Music Core" to react and monitor their performance. When they arrived, Jimin was seen on the screen. Upon seeing him, the eight members of TWICE laughed at the male's humorous performance, but Jeongyeon appeared disinterested and did not look at the screen. Some ONCEs speculated that Jeongyeon was angry at the time due to rumors that Jimin was dating another girl.

Jeongyeon Jimin
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At events, TWICE members were seen passing by BTS members. As juniors, they all bowed politely to the male group. However, when Jeongyeon passed by Jimin, she did not bow to him. Instead, the two were often seen making eye contact but would immediately peel their eyes away when caught. This made fans wonder if the two had a secret relationship.

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Despite the wild rumors, JYP Entertainment and HYBE Labels never released a statement on the matter. Therefore, it is unconfirmed if the two had ever date.

TWICE Jeongyeon Relationship Status + Ideal Type

Currently, JYP Entertainment has not released a statement concerning Jeongyeon's relationship status, which means she is most likely single and not publically dating anyone.

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However, the idol has divulged who her ideal type is! Jeongyeon wants to date someone who makes her comfortable, as well as someone who is funny and can amuse her.

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When picking a male drama character that suits her ideal type, she selected Nam Joo Hyuk's character Han Yi An from the 2015 drama "Who Are You: School 2015." While the members teased her for picking the character because of the actor, she defended herself by saying she wants to be comfortable in a relationship, as if she were dating her best friend.

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Do you suit Jeongyeon's ideal type? Tell us in the comments below!

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