Stray Kids 'NOEASY' Pre-Orders Reach Nearly 1 Million, Expected to Become the Best-Selling Album from JYP Entertainment in History

The number of pre-orders for Stray Kids' "NOEASY" has reached almost one million on the day of the boy group's comeback!

On Aug. 23, the band's management agency, JYP Entertainment, announced the incredible amount of stock pre-orders for Stray Kids' second full album, which will be officially released today. The upcoming work is projected to become the best-selling album in the history of JYPE.

Stray Kids NOEASY
(Photo : Stray Kids Facebook)

Stray Kids 'NOEASY' Pre-Orders Attain Almost One Million on the Day of the Group's Comeback

According to JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids' "NOEASY" has recorded 930,000 pre-orders as of Aug. 23. The boy group once again broke their best record for highest pre-orders with the same album.

Stray Kids NOEASY
(Photo : Stray Kids Facebook)

"NOEASY" surpassed 830,000 pre-orders as of Aug. 17, becoming the most pre-ordered album by a fourth-generation group. And now, Stray Kids has extended the record. Notably, it only took six days to have 100,000 more pre-orders.

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Compared to Stray Kids' repackaged album "IN LIFE," released in September last year, "NOEASY" saw a significant increase of 630,000 copies from the record of 300,000 copies set by "IN LIFE."

Stray Kids NOEASY promo
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Because of this, Stray Kids' "NOEASY" is expected to become the best-selling album in JYP Entertainment's history, beating the record of 830,000 copies set by J.Y. Park's "Tantara." It is also predicted to become the best-selling album by a fourth-generation group.

Additionally, interest is focused on whether Stray Kids will become a million-seller with their second full album.

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Stray Kids' second full album is set to be released today, Aug. 23. The boy group is currently trending on MelOn's real-time search in South Korea, showing the high anticipation of Korean fans on the band's comeback.

Stray Kids NOEASY
(Photo : Stray Kids Facebook)

"NOEASY" will contain 14 songs in total including the title track "Thunderous," which is translated to "Sorikkun" in Korean. "Sorrikun" is frequently used to refer to singers of traditional Korean music like "pansori." Stray Kids members participated in writing the lyrics and composing all the songs in this album.

At 7 p.m. KST today, Stray Kids will hold a comeback showcase for their second full album "NOEASY" and unveil the stage of "Thunderous" through Mnet's "KINGDOM WEEK" as their benefit for winning first place on "Kingdom: Legendary War."

While waiting for Stray Kids' comeback later this day, check out the intro video for "NOEASY" here!

Stray Kids Sees Increase in Album Sales since Their Debut

Stray Kids saw a steady rise in their album sales since their debut in 2018. The boy group's debut album "I am NOT" recorded about 30,000 copies in the first week and reached 110,000 copies.

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Stray Kids
(Photo : Stray Kids Facebook)

After that, Stray Kids' first full-length album "GO LIVE," which has been gaining popularity since 2020, crossed 100,000 copies in the first week of sales, becoming the group's first album to do so. It went on to have cumulative sales that have exceeded 300,000 copies.

Stray Kids' first repackaged album "IN LIFE" obtained over 230,000 copies sold in the first week and its cumulative sales recorded 410,000 copies.

Expectations are high on whether Stray Kids will once again break their own record in album sales.

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