Red Velvet Joy Dating News Speculated to Have Been Released to Cover Up WayV Lucas Cheating Scandal

Did the news about Red Velvet member Joy and Crush's relationship get released to cover up WayV member Lucas' cheating scandals? According to Vietnamese media outlet Tinnhac and users on popular South Korean community forum Pann Nate, most likely. Keep on reading for all the details.

Red Velvet Joy Dating News Speculated to Have Been Released to Cover Up WayV Lucas Cheating Scandal
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Was the News about Red Velvet Joy & Crush's Relationship to Cover WayV Lucas' Cheating Scandal?

SM Entertainment is going through a turbulent time with news concerning their artists. The two most recent cases included Red Velvet member Joy's dating news and the private life scandal of NCT/WayV member Lucas. While these cases may not look related at first sight, some have started to speculate that there is a connection between the two.

Recently, on South Korean online community forums, people theorize that the company attempted to cover up WayV member Lucas' cheating scandal by releasing Joy's dating news.

Joy Crush
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On the morning of August 23, Sports Chosun released an exclusive article confirming Joy is dating rapper Crush. They stated that the two met in May 2020 to work on Crush's song "Mayday" and soon developed romantic feelings for each other. Both SM Entertainment (Joy's label) and P Nation (Crush's label) confirmed the news on the same day.

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However, on the evening of August 23, the WayV member Lucas' cheating scandal broke out. The idol was allegedly dating numerous fans from Korea and China at the same time. They also accused the idol of asking his girlfriends to buy brand clothes, forcing a girlfriend to have intercourse with him despite her saying no, speaking ill of his members and managers, and more.

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The company responded to the allegations on August 25, two days after the incident first broke out. The company apologized for the controversy, while Lucas released a handwritten letter stating he was taking time to reflect and apologizing to the fans he had disappointed. It was also announced that all of Lucas' activities would be suspended until further notice.

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Following the news, an article on Pann Nate was shared titled "A suspicion that Joy's dating news was made public because of Lucas." In the post, the writer claims that there were not many articles about Lucas' scandal because of Joy's dating news at the time despite the developments being made. Instead, Korean media outlets started tackling the Lucas issue after Joy's dating news had died down.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush Reported in a Relationship
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Do People Believe Joy's Dating News Was Revealed to Cover Up Lucas' Scandal?

Many people who read the article agreed it made sense. Joy has more popularity than Lucas, especially in Korea. Therefore, it is possible that the female idol's dating news was announced and quickly confirmed to divert people's attention away from Lucas.

However, some people disagree with this theory. They state that due to the timing of when the issues broke out, it would be impossible for SM Entertainment to cover up the scandal of the WayV member. They also point out that Lucas is extremely popular worldwide and is often considered the member that attracts fans the most.

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