#LUCAS_OUT Trends After Fourth Girl Claims She Dated the WayV Member

A lot of anti-fans have expressed themselves to trend the "#LUCAS_OUT," demanding that he leave NCT and WayV following his cheating scandal.

Way Lucas' Dating Scandal

NCT and WayV's Lucas has been entangled in cheating and gaslighting scandals as three alleged girlfriends have revealed the issues against him.

SM Entertainment, along with Lucas, already apologized and stated that he will be going on a hiatus to reflect all of his actions. On a more remarkable note, neither SM Entertainment nor Lucas have acknowledged nor denied any of the dating rumors. Because of this, some fans are still defending him until everything is confirmed personally by his label.

NCT Lucas
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However, some of his previous fans have chosen to trust the ex-girlfriends and they wished that Lucas must leave NCT and WayV. Following Lucas' apology letter, a fourth girl spoke up saying that she has allegedly dated him as well. When Lucas' wakeboarding coach attempted to defend him, the fourth girl got angry because she thought that Lucas was flirting with the coach while he was dating her at the same time.

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Lucas cheating scandal gets more intense

She then claimed that Lucas also tried to give her a cat and when she rejected it, he immediately abandoned it. She stated that she felt sorry for Lucas' fellow WayV members for it was Winwin who eventually adopted the cat.

With the reports sparking the Lucas treats his alleged girlfriends as his mistresses, some anti-fans have taken it upon themselves to start the trend "#LUCAS_OUT." They claimed that they feel bad for his fellow WayV members who are suffering because of his scandal and that he is not as innocent as he looks. Aside from that, they also posted "evidence" of him misbehaving with his pet and other members.

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"#LUCAS_OUT" trends all over the social media

Some netizens made a post pertaining to Bella, Lucas' dog. It says that the dog's tail is between her legs indicating that she is afraid of something. Some netizens even question if Lucas is taking care of her properly. Another user noticed that Lucas was also insensitive when Baekyun suffered from an injured leg.

SM Entertainment Embroiled in Another Plagiarism Controversy with NCT 127 Comeback Teaser
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Another netizen felt bad that otherWayV members were suffering because of Lucas's scandal for his sub-unit song with Hendery has been suspended. Some fans also brought up a press conference after the scandal sparked where the WayV members are looking like they have been crying or tired.

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They even brought up a sasaeng's tweet which is claiming that she heard some fighting in WayV's dorm. The other fans do not really appreciate sasaengs for they are stalkers, they have decided to trust the particular user who posted the allegation. They also noticed that Hendery and Yangyang had allegedly taken off their group profile photos on social media.

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