MCND Exclusive Interview: Quintet Details Comeback Preparations, Concept of New Mini-Album 'The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1'

Recently, KpopStarz was lucky enough to interview the five-member K-pop boy group, MCND, who was happy to share how they prepared for their comeback, and also described the concept of their third mini-album "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1."

MCND's comeback took place today, Aug. 31, and it is the group's third time to return to the K-pop scene since their debut in September 2020.

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MCND Exclusive Interview with KpopStarz: Boy Group Tackles Comeback Preparations, Concept of New Mini-Album, and More

Q: After several months, you're finally returning-big congratulations! How's the preparation for your comeback so far?

Castle J: MCN is back with our third mini-album "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1." We have been preparing for a really long time, and we want to convey a broad spectrum of our worldview, so we prepared a lot. We participated in writing lyrics, worked hard on the choreography, and filmed a cool music video.

Huijun: We practiced a lot to bring out our own color. Also, we prepared a lot for a great performance.

Q: How hands-on were you in your 3rd mini-album "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1"? Did you participate in writing or producing the tracks, or were you also involved in the choreography and concept-making?

Castle J: Yes~ First of all, I participated in writing the lyrics for the title song "Movin' (To You...)" and the B-side song "Cat Dance" in our album. Meanwhile, members Bic and Win also took part in penning the lyrics for 'Cat Dance," which contain MCND's unique emotions.

MCND Third Mini-Album
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Q: What has been the most memorable experience for you while preparing for your new mini-album?

Minjae: I think it was not just one moment. While preparing the album, it was fun to practice [the dance moves] while we perfect it to show new music and performances. The part where we were interpreting the song while filming the music video and the process of immersing ourselves in the MV.

Q: In your cinematic, MV-like teaser "Reason," can you explain how you came up with each of the nicknames: BIC as a groovy dancer, Castle J as beat controller, Minjae as a colorful performer, Huijun as mood changer, and Win as eye catcher?

Win: We made use of the individuality and strengths of the members for that. In my case, it means I want to catch people's attention with my performance, so "Eye Catcher."

Castle J: I'm a "Beat Controller," which emphasizes my musical abilities such as writing lyrics and composing. From our debut album to this album, we participated in the lyrics and overall album production.

Bic: I'm a "Groovy Dancer." All of our MCND members dance well, but I chose the name "Groovy Dancer" since I am often at the center of our choreography.

Minjae: I'm a "Colorful Performer." The name has something to do with my usage of various expressions and gestures while performing.

Huijun: I'm a "Mood Changer." In this album, the members' external appearance changed the most, and in my case, I became a "Mood Changer" because the atmosphere changes when I come out during a performance.

MCND Third Mini-Album
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Q: Could you describe to us the concept of "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1," and what other concepts would you love to showcase in the future?

Huijun: About our album "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1," it contains the message of wanting to complete the secret mission hidden all over the earth with GEMs, and this mission is to meet and breathe with GEMs and perform on stage together.

Castle J: And, there are two versions [of the album]. One is the "Light Emitting" (UR) and "Luminous Light" (REASON)." The "UR" version shows the eccentric charm of MCND, who finds and accomplishes their hidden missions to meet fans in person.

The "REASON" version displays the fans enjoying the enhanced music and performance of MCND by completing the hidden mission.

Win: Any concept is fine as long as it is a concept that can present MCND's own colors.

MCND Third Mini-Album
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Q: Message to your GEMs who have been patiently waiting for you.

Bic: We made a comeback with "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter. 1." Thank you so much to the GEMs who have been waiting for so long. Also, new GEMs are always welcome after you see [the music video for] "Movin' (To You...)." Please look forward to it.

Win: Just like the last time, we will also show new charms in this comeback. Please stay healthy, and please look forward to our songs and performances. Thank you!

Meanwhile, MCND's third mini-album "THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter. 1" and the music video for the title track "Movin' (To You...)" are set for release later today, Aug. 31, at 6 p.m. KST.

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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