BLACKPINK Lisa Releases 10 Seconds Teaser Video - Exciting the Fans Even More

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BLACKPINK Lisa appeared for only 10 seconds in the new teaser video. Adds further excitement for the fans about her upcoming solo album.

BLACKPINK Lisa appears for only 10 seconds in her new teaser video

YG Entertainment released the second visual teaser for Lisa's solo album titled "LALISA" on its official blog on September 1.

The video features the image of Lisa standing tall in a smoke-filled space with the impressive night city in the background. Aside from that, the shaky screen production and the beat that rhymes to a heartbeat harmonized in order to create extreme tension.

Lisa's solo single album titled "LALISA" will be released on September 10. The song will be released at 12 MN (EST) in the US and 1 PM (KST) in Korea. Lisa's overwhelming confidence, who put her own name on both the album name and the title song, draws even more attention.

YG Entertainment known beforehand the music that melted Lisa's identity and the pinnacle of a performance that outstrips the charisma that she has shown so far.Girl group Black Pink member Lisa's debut solo single album pre-order started at 4 pm on the 26th.

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BLACKPINK Lisa's Solo Album Surpasses 700,000 pre-orders in Only Four days

Last August 26 YG Entertainment announced that Lisa's "LALISA" physical album will be released in three types: CD, KiT, and LP. The CD has been prepared in a composition that is full of Lisa's charms, it includes an 88-page photobook, random photo cards, random polaroids, random postcards, and some double-sided posters.

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With the two concepts of black and gold, Lisa joined with the designing of the album herself. Because of this, it has raised the value of the collection. Particularly, special golden tickets, which are inserted randomly in just a certain number of the first album, were prepared, and this has raised the fans' expectations even further.

A KiT album was also prepared for the accessibility of fans from all over the world. With the KiT album, the fans can enjoy music through a smart device without needing to have a separate device. The LP album will only be produced in a quantity that will be ordered on September 9. The album has a unique sound texture and specialty that is evoking analog nostalgia, and because it is a limited edition, it is expected that fans will purchase the album right away.

(Photo : Black Swan Facebook)

BLACKPINK Lisa's first solo single album "LALISA" will be released on September 10. The sound source will also be released on the same day at 12 MN (EST) in the US and at 1 PM (KST) in Korea. The LP album will be delivered sequentially after December 27.

Lisa's unique confidence and her bold aspirations are revealed in the album title "LALISA," which bears her real name. A lot of attention is being drawn to her new challenge, which will shine as a solo artist and also as a member of BLACKPINK, who established herself as a worldwide girl group.

As of August 30, Lisa's solo album "LALISA" exceeded 700,000 pre-orders in only four days after the pre-order began last August 26. Lisa is now ready to write a new history as a K-Pop female solo artist.

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