Kang Daniel Calms Audiences With New UNIVERSE ORIGINALS Series

Kang Daniel soothes the audience with ASMR content in the new UNIVERSE ORIGINALS show, the calming "TODAKLISM."

The new series is a part of UNIVERSE ORIGINALS, the K-pop fan interaction platform's original entertainment content. In "TODAKLISM," Kang Daniel delivers warm and soothing comfort for fans who are facing stress and hardships in their daily lives.

The short-form variety series features the singer-songwriter providing ASMR content that helps the viewers relax their senses and calm their minds.

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In the episode featuring Kang Daniel, he was challenged to make a birthday cake for his official fan base, DANITY. He caught the attention of audiences by making his cake wholeheartedly, although he was clumsy while doing it.

He also revealed various TMI - or "too much information," the Korean slang for fun bits of information - about his own birthday.

Additionally, the show picked up the subtle sounds of whispering and sprinkling syrup as Kang Daniel made the cake, creating a fun yet calming experience. After completing his pastry, the 24-year-old idol sang a birthday song for his fans, showing love and affection.

The new concept behind "TODAKLISM" combines visual beauty like a photobook with various ASMR content, which helps fans to relax and ease their worries. After Kang Daniel, other K-pop stars are expected to appear in the show to share their thoughts, experiences, and calming methods to the fans.

Fans can watch the episodes of "TODAKLISM" on the UNIVERSE app, with new episodes released every Thursday at 10 AM KST. This is a short-form limited series set for only eight episodes.

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