BLACKPINK Global Influence: United Nations Appoints the Quartet as SDG Ambassadors

BLACKPINK spreads global influence all over the world, and the quartet has been appointed as United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ambassadors.

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BLACKPINK Ambassador for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

YG Entertainment announced on September 18 that BLACKPINK has been appointed as the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) ambassador for the first time as an artist from Asia.

The United Nations SDGs are the general goals of the international community that were set by the United Nations. It comprises universal human problems like poverty and disease to global, environmental, economic, and social problems.

It has 17 main goals and 169 detailed goals and it is used as a global standard for sustainable management.

BLACKPINK How You Like That
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After a rigorous selection process, BLACKPINK was selected as a public relations ambassador. They received a letter signed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and they were delighted by deeply sympathizing with UN SDGs' purpose to bring positive change to the world.

Regarding their appointment, BLACKPINK said, "It's an honor to be part of the path toward a better world. Together with BLINKs, we want to inform the world of the importance of the SDGs and contribute to solving the problems we are facing."

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BLACKPINK Proves Global Influence Once Again

The UN SDGs ambassador is currently composed of different heads of state, like prime ministers, presidents, and queens. Aside from that, global leaders like world-class artists are included in the line of ambassadors.

BLACKPINK will be carrying out activities to spread the importance of achieving the UN SDGs and boost their participation.

With their powerful worldwide influence, BLACKPINK is taking the lead in different social contribution activities like COP26 or United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change ambassador, they will also participate in different public interest campaigns, and donations for the forest fire recovery. 

BLACKPINK Overtakes Justin Bieber... YouTube subscribers surpassed 65.2 million, 'World's No. 1'
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In February, BLACKPINK was appointed as the public relations ambassador for UN Climate Change. They have been appointed as advocates to raise awareness for a global campaign against climate change issues.

BLACKPINK understood the importance of their newly acquired position, they also urged the BLINKs to join the cause.

Last December, BLACKPINK appeared in a video which promoted the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It will take place in Glasgow, Scotland in November.

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BLACKPINK Global Popularity

Since their debut in August 2016, BLACKPINK has successfully produced a number of hit songs and they solidified themselves as a phenomenal girl group. The number of the subscribers of their YouTube channel now has 66.7 million.

Because of this, they are the number one artist in the world.

BLACKPINK Overtakes Justin Bieber... YouTube subscribers surpassed 65.2 million, 'World's No. 1'
(Photo : BLACKPINK Facebook)

Furthermore, the total number of each BLACKPINK members' official Instagram followers is over 245 million.

BLACKPINK is now considered one of the most influential artists in the world, they have millions of subscribers for their YouTube channel they beat American Pop Star Justin Bieber at the top spot.

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