BTS Jimin Becomes Longest No. 1 Most Popular K-pop Idol Globally + See Top 20 for 3rd Week of September

On KDOL, BTS Jimin received the highest votes among the Top 20 most popular K-pop idols in the third week of September. The Filter singer has now set a new record for the longest artist to top the rankings.

KDOL is a worldwide K-pop popularity voting service app that ranks idols based on the real-time votes accumulated daily, weekly, and monthly. Both domestic and international fans can give their votes to their favorite K-pop idols.

Top 20 Most Popular Kpop Idols
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BTS Jimin, TWICE Mina, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo

BTS Jimin Sets the Record for the Longest No. 1 Most Popular K-pop Idol Globally on KDOL

According to KDOL, BTS Jimin has again taken first place in the weekly rankings for the third week of September. He garnered a total of 23,555,784 hearts from Sept. 13 to 19. He is the only artist to receive more than 20 million hearts in the previous week.

BTS Jimin also placed first in the daily rankings on Sept. 19 with 3,759,583 hearts.

BTS Jimin Butter
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BTS Jimin

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Since BTS Jimin has again dominated the weekly rankings, he has set an impressive record of being the No. 1 most popular K-pop idol in the world for the longest period.

Jimin has ranked first for a total of 57 weeks. Aside from the weekly update, the BTS member also stayed strong at No. 1 in the monthly rankings.

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From August 2020 to August 2021, the BTS member consistently secured the No. 1 spot, and gained a whopping 825,681,597 hearts for 13 consecutive months, earning him a position in the "Hall of Fame."

BTS V Permission to Dance
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In addition to BTS Jimin, his bandmates also made it to the weekly Top 20 most popular K-pop idols in the world, with V and Jin joining him inside the Top 5.

ENHYPEN Heeseung, ASTRO Eunwoo, Stray Kids Han & More are the Most Popular K-pop Idols Globally

BTS members weren't the only ones to rank within the Top 20. Rookie idol ENHYPEN Heeseung is becoming one of the most popular artists across the globe. He placed fourth after gaining 3,966,598 hearts in the third week of September.

ENHYPEN Heeseung
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ENHYPEN Heeseung

Heeseung's fellow ENHYPEN members Ni-ki, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Jay also entered the Top 20.

ASTRO Eunwoo
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ASTRO Eunwoo

Another male K-pop idol to land inside the Top 5 is ASTRO Eunwoo, who is sitting at No. 5 with 2,616,630 hearts.

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Other rookie idols to rank within the Top 20 are Stray Kids members, with Han being the highest-charting among them. Stray Kids Han sits at No. 14 with 644,441 hearts.

Stray Kids Han
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Stray Kids Han

Regarding female K-pop idols, only two of them charted inside the Top 20. These female artists are TWICE Tzuyu and Mina.

Top 20 Most Popular Kpop Idols
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TWICE Mina claimed the No. 9 spot with 1,625,500 hearts, while Tzuyu is at No. 13 with 774,846 hearts.

These are the Top 20 Most Popular K-pop Idols Globally for the Third Week of September 2021:

  1. BTS Jimin
  2. BTS V
  3. BTS Jin
  4. ENHYPEN Heeseung
  5. ASTRO Eunwoo
  6. BTS Jungkook
  7. ENHYPEN Ni-ki
  8. NCT Jaehyun
  9. TWICE Mina
  10. BTS J-Hope
  11. BTS Suga
  12. ENHYPEN Sunghoon
  13. TWICE Tzuyu
  14. Stray Kids Han
  15. ENHYPEN Sunoo
  16. Stray Kids Hyunjin
  17. ENHYPEN Jay
  18. TXT Taehyun
  19. Stray Kids Lee Know
  20. BTS RM

Is your favorite K-pop idol on the list?

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