aespa ‘Savage’ Choreography Accused of Recycling Moves from ITZY and BLACKPINK + Choreographer Speaks Out

The choreographer of aespa's Savage was accused of recycling moves from ITZY and BLACKPINK's old dances. The choreographer has since spoken out against the allegations. Keep on reading for all the details.

aespa Savage Choreography Accused of Recycling Moves from ITZY and BLACKPINK

On October 3, SM Entertainment released the music video teaser for aespa's upcoming single Savage. In the teaser, fans were able to hear a small snippet of the song's melody. Additionally, the point move of the choreography was revealed. While many were extremely impressed with the dances, people could not help but notice the movement used in K-pop before.

(Photo : aespa YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

People quickly criticized aespa's choreography, claiming that it was imitating the dances of BLACKPINK's How You Like That  and ITZY's Not Shy. As the two songs mentioned were both commercial hits and were from girl groups under a Big 4 company (YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, specifically), people quickly accused the choreographer of copying other artists and their choreographies.

For reference, this is the move in How You Like That:

(Photo : BLACKPINK YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

And this is the move in Not Shy:

(Photo : ITZY YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

It was soon discovered that the choregrapher of How You Like That, Not Shy, and Savage are all the same person — Kiel Tutin. When it was discovered that the same person had created all three dances, many people accused Kiel Tutin of reusing the same dance moves for different artists. Soon, malicious commented were being sent to the male dancer, with people expressing their dissatisfaction and asking Kiel Tutin to be more original with his work.

aespa Savage Choreographer Responds to Accusations of Him Recycling Moves from ITZY and BLACKPINK

Soon, the accusations reached Kiel Tutin, and the dancer took to his Instagram to release a statement on the issue.

In his Instagram Stories, he raised five points concerning the accusations. First, he says that he has no reason to purposely use similar movements for different girl groups and claims that he spends as much time as possible in the studio to ensure that none of his choreographies are similar.

He reveals that he makes drafts and changes when necessary and that his dancers can vouch for him.

Kiel Tutin
(Photo : Kiel Tutin Instagram)

He states that the move in question was only used in Not Shy and not in How You Like That, and the proof can be found in his choreography process video on YouTube. He then stated that he has zero control over what ends up in the final choreography.

Kiel Tutin concludes his statement by saying that dance has a finite amount of movements, and when satisfying the K-pop machine, there will be moves that overlap.

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