TWICE Selects Their 5 Most Memorable Songs and the Meaning Behind Them

TWICE Selects Their Five Most Memorable Songs and the Meaning Behind Them
(Photo : Shaq (Wikimedia Commons) | TWICE Twitter)

For Glamour Magazine's latest installment of 5 Songs, 5 Stories, the publication spoke with TWICE. There, the girl group selected their five most memorable songs and the meaning behind them. Keep on reading for all the details.

TWICE Selects Their Five Most Memorable Songs and the Meaning Behind Them
(Photo : Shaq (Wikimedia Commons) | TWICE Twitter)

These are TWICE's Most Memorable Songs and the Stories Behind Them, According to TWICE Themselves

On October 4, Glamour released their latest installment of 5 Songs, 5 Stories featuring TWICE. The JYP Entertainment girl group selected their five most memorable songs and explained the deeper meaning behind each release. The interview was held via Zoom, with eight out of the nine members present. Unfortunately, Jeongyeon was unable to take part due to her ongoing hiatus.

The first song TWICE selected is One in a Million. The song is a theme song for their fans, ONCE. Dahyun revealed that when she first heard the song, she knew it would be for their fans and recalled the chills and excitement the group felt when they sang it in front of their fans.

Nayeon and Mina recalled singing the song during a concert. They would walk around the stage and get close to their fans. The image of seeing their fans so happy and singing all the words to the song touched the girls' hearts. Jihyo revealed that the song is their finale.

The next song the girls selected was Feel Special. Chaeyoung revealed that J.Y. Park wrote the lyrics based on their experiences and their relationship with each other. Nayeon explained further, saying that they discussed their experiences over a meal. At first, they did not think the song was meant for them, as it was almost ballad-like.

Tzuyu commented that the lyrics for the song are special and that it gives energy and confidence to the listener who might be doubting themselves. She hopes the fans can receive unique power whenever they listen to this song.

The third song that was selected was What is Love?. Sana revealed a behind-the-scenes story from that era. Their managers shared screenshots of the music video to their group chat, which built anticipation for the release among the members. When asked if her pairing with Jeongyeon during their parody scene of Ghost was related to Hearshaker, Sana revealed that they were paired because their images match.

Momo reminisced about wearing costumes for the music videos and their fan signing. When the song became viral on TikTok, the members were able to look back at how far the song has come since it was first released.

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The fourth song that TWICE chose was CHEER UP. Chaeyoung recalls feeling off-guard when they first received the song, as they debut with a wild and edgy concept. CHEER UP was a complete 180, as it was young and cutesy. However, the song became a commercial hit in South Korea, and at the time of its release, it was heard almost everywhere in the country.

Dahyun and Tzuyu noted that the song reminds them of how their popularity drastically rose at the time. Dahyun recalled how they would drive up to the performance venues and walk on stage and instantly receive cheers. Tuzyu, on the other hand, revealed that she is still surprised over how many people (including celebrities!) danced to their song. She reveals the thought makes her happy.

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TWICE Reveals Why The Feels is So Special

The fifth and final song TWICE chose is their most recent English-language single, The Feels! Nayeon revealed that when they first decided to release an English single, many wondered what concept they would go with. The girls decided that they wanted to show TWICE as is in the song.

However, there were difficulties when recording. Nayeon noted that the song itself is hard because of the high notes. Still, their biggest challenge was focusing on the pronunciation of each word. Jihyo revealed the girls repeatedly practiced so listeners would be able to understand the lyrics.

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Tzuyu noted another first TWICE experience with The Feels — this is the first time the group had backup dancers! During the prom scene, the group had backup dancers perform while dressed up, making her want to attend prom herself. Dahyun noted that the energy was fun when they filmed as the energy built up quickly. It felt like they were at a dance party!

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

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