Exciting DC Ranks 8 'Male Idol With Best Dancing Technique'

Exciting DC Ranks 8 'Male Idol With Best Dancing Technique'
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If K-pop idols will have their own spin-off of the popular "Street Woman Fighter," which male idol do you think will join the competition? Well, in terms of dancing skills and technique, fans and internet users think that these idols – BTS Jimin, EXO Kai, SHINee Taemin, NCT Taeyong, and more – are the best in the K-pop scene.

On October 11, Exciting DC released the surveys' results for the second week of October, conducted by the top Korean internet forum DC Inside and AI Solution company, MyCelebs.

In the two-week October voting, a K-pop poll under the title "What male idol shows the best dance techniques?" ran from October 3rd to October 9th.

As a result, eight K-pop idols shone the brightest on the list – global superstar BTS Jimin dominating the list.

BTS Jimin Crowned as the Male Idol with Best Dancing Technique

According to the result, BTS Jimin topped the list with 67.15% of the votes.

Based on MyCelebs, BTS Jimin's attractive keywords were "collecting topics," "unable to follow others," "fascinating," "causing hot reactions," and more.

Indeed, every stage of the male idol conveys a story through his incredible facial expression, along with the combination of his sharp yet fluid dance moves. If you are a fan, whenever Jimin dances, you can always feel the intensity, but it feels very light to watch due to his balance and control – proving his professionality and versatility.

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EXO Kai, TXT Yeonjun, and More: K-pop Idols with Best Dancing Techniques

Following BTS Jimin, the "Mmmh" dancer EXO Kai placed second. Though he is known for his sexy and fiery stages, Kai is a well-rounded dancer who also explores other genres such as ballet and jazz. You can say that his second language is dancing.

 TXT Yeonjun then ranked No. 3, whose specialty is freestyle dancing. The TXT member truly has strong coordination, fluidity, and he knows exactly how to express himself through choreography.

In fourth place, SHINee Taemin secured the spot. Also called K-pop's "dancing machine," the contemporary band member always leads trends, showing his accuracy, strong control, and charisma when dancing.

In fifth place is NCT Taeyong. Would you believe the NCT leader doesn't really learn dance prior to training in SM Entertainment? Well, he proves that he is worthy of being called one of the best K-pop dancers with his skills of dancing energetically and aggressively without losing his precision and the emotion of the dance.

In the sixth place is SEVENTEEN Hoshi, who is truly a dance genius. He doesn't only dance, but choreographs, too.

In the seventh-place is Shownu of MONSTA X. Although the male idol has an incredible body built and height, his dance moves don't look heavy or awkward to watch at all. Instead, he knows well how to use his body to express a dance point more.

Lastly, THE BOYZ Juyeon completed the top 8 with his grace. He can be flashy if he wants, but most of the time, his dance moves are clean, neat, and accurate. With his excellent visuals, he can draw attention by incorporating his beauty to express a choreography well – just like a bird free flying.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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