‘Metaverse Girl Group’ aespa Sweeps Album Chart With Mini-Album ‘Savage’

aespa took over the album charts with debut EP "Savage." The metaverse girl group then appeared as guests on MBC radio's "This is Kim Shin-Young's 'Hope Song at Noon."

aespa's first EP "Savage," released on October 5, has been gaining momentum on the album charts, sweeping the No. 1 spot on various album charts like Hanteo Chart, Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, and Hot Tracks.

The title track of the same name also took the top spot on various real-time charts immediately after its release and showed the group's immense popularity by lining up the b-side tracks. As of 9:00 a.m. on October 7, aespa's "Savage" ranked 1st on Melon Top 100, Genie, and FLO charts, proving the emerging power.

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aespa's "Savage" not only topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 18 regions around the world, but also ranked first in the Chinese QQ Music real-time new song chart and MV chart in Korea.

The EP is also on the Japanese local platform AWA real-time trend chart, continuously gaining popularity.

aespa's debut EP is available HERE and can be purchased online at SM Global Shop.

The music video for "Savage" is available HERE.

aespa is SM Entertainment's fierce new all-female foursome, whom, in an unprecedented debut move, surpassed 100 million views on their debut video, "Black Mamba," (the record fastest for any debut kpop video in YouTube history).

They debuted atop charts in 95 countries upon launch, most notably Billboard Global Excl. US at No. 100 within just 3 days of being accounted for, marking the highest ranking of any K-pop female group's debut song. 

The K-pop 4th generation powerhouse also include their avatars - called ae - which tell a concept that drew those 100 million views to a single video in 51 days.

Combine "ae" (avatar and experience) + "aspect" (two sides), and you get aespa, moving in between reality and virtual reality, with the avatars representing their counterparts.

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