Lee Jinhyuk Online Media Showcase: UP10TION Member Commemorates the Release of His 4th Mini-Album 'Ctrl+V'

Lee Jinhyuk is finally back with his fourth mini-album, "Ctrl+V." To celebrate the release of his new solo album, the UPT10TION member held an online media showcase.

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V
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Lee Jinhyuk

UP10TION Lee Jinhyuk Shares What He Feels about His Comeback and the Concept of 'Ctrl+V'

At the beginning of the online media showcase held on Oct. 18 at 3 p.m. KST, Lee Jinhyuk was asked to share how he feels now that he will release a new solo album in six months since his previous work "SCENE26" in April.

He responded, "First of all, I'm excited. I'm active in various fields, but I'm most excited when I will be able to show a new side of me as a singer."

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V
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Lee Jinhyuk

UP10TION Lee Jinhyuk added that he is surprised that it is already his fourth mini-album. The male idol went on to say that he thinks he was able to release four solo albums so far because of the interest and love of the fans.

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Regarding his new album "Ctrl+V," he stated, "As we all know, 'Ctrl+V' is a past shortcut. It means that Lee Jinhyuk pasted Lee Jinhyuk."

He further explained that "Ctrl+V" is an album that has pasted the inner self of artist Lee Jinhyuk to his outside appearance for the public to see it.

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V
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Lee Jinhyuk

In other words, Lee Jinhyuk's new album will show a unique side of his as an artist that is not visible from the outside.

In addition to the title's entire meaning, the "V" in "Ctrl+V" also stands for his fans (called V-Dan).

UP10TION Lee Jinhyuk Describes Some Songs from His New Album 'Ctrl+V'

Later on, during Lee Jinhyuk's online media showcase, he talked about some of the songs from his fourth mini-album, including the title track.

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V
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Lee Jinhyuk

First, he described the title track "Work Work."

He explained, "It is a song that pleasantly solves the dating concerns of the MZ generation who want to have both work and love, but they have to face the reality."

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Following the introduction, the UP10TION member performed "Work Work" and later discussed the choreography. He said that the dance moves for his new title track may seem soft and light but it's intense and difficult. He continued that he paid a lot of attention to his facial expressions while executing the dance steps.

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V
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Lee Jinhyuk

In addition to the title song, there are also notable songs from Lee Jinhyuk's new album "Ctrl+V," one of which is "Dunk!"

He defined "Dunk!" as a song that displays his passion for music just like a dunk shot.

"If you listen closely, you can hear the fricative sound that can be heard in a basketball arena. It's a song where you can feel the energy," he stated.

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Another B-side he talked about is "Blue Marvel." UP10TION Lee Jinhyuk said that it is a song that is compared to a board game and that the "V" in "Marvel" refers to his fans (V-Dan). He further said that the track contains his desire to go on a trip with his fans around the world.

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V
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Lee Jinhyuk

Finally, the UP10TION member shared what "Meaningless=Art." He said that it's about finding the reason and meaning of art while forgetting the very first essence of it.

Meanwhile, Lee Jinhyuk's new album "Ctrl+V" will be out today, Oct. 18, at 6 p.m. KST. The physical version of the album will be released on Oct. 19.

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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