#ONE_IN_6_MILLION: TWICE Celebrates 6th Anniversary, Members Write Letter to ONCE

TWICE is commemorating their sixth year of debut this year, and they have special treats for their fans, ONCE, including some handwritten letters.

On Oct. 15, the JYP girl group unveiled a timetable of different events for their sixth anniversary. The schedule includes releasing content on the 18th and 19th, holding a V Live stream on the 20th, a special gift on the 21st, and a mock exam on the 22nd.

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#PresentForONCE: TWICE Members Write Letter to ONCE in Celebration of their Sixth Anniversary

On Oct. 18, TWICE shared a video, titled "To ONCE From TWICE," which features the members writing letters and expressing their gratitude to their fans.

On Oct. 19, the JYP girl group revealed the letters they wrote to ONCE. They included several hashtags with the letters, such as "#PresentForONCE," "#ONCEcomesbeforeTWICE," and more.

Below are some of the letters from TWICE members that are translated into English.

Letter from TWICE Jihyo:

"6 years with ONCE. Hello, ONCEs! This is Jihyo. Thank you so much for giving me some love for 6 years. I am so grateful that I have been through so many moments with you. Our ONCEs we miss so much. ONCEs are the reason I am a TWICE [member] and the reason I am singing and dancing. So, in the future, please be with me and remain as my strength in the future. I will become a good person to ONCE too. Thank you and I love you." Letter from TWICE Jeongyeon:

"Hi! I'm Jeongyeon. I'll wear a short-sleeved T-shirt today. Please understand that. The 6th anniversary is too much! Thank you for liking TWICE so much! And that I'm so precious to you. Let's remain best friends. Thank you for waiting for me. Let's be together forever."

 Letter from TWICE Mina:

"ONCE! It's our sixth anniversary! I can't believe it! We grew a lot! I think it's so fascinating every year. I'm so happy that ONCE celebrated our 6th anniversary. Time flew so fast, but it's been 6 years with a lot of memories and we came all the way here thanks to ONCE! Wouldn't our 7th anniversary come if we continue to be together? Please take good care of TWICE and we will work hard so that ONCE can have more days full of happiness. Let's always be happy and healthy! TWICE, ONCE, let's do well!" Letter from TWICE Dahyun:

"ONCE, hello. It's Dahyun! [It's our] sixth anniversary. Thank you for being with TWICE. Thank you for your generous support and love. I hope we can make special and happy memories together. I'm proud that ONCE is our ONCE, and I'm always reassured that ONCE is here. Thank you so much, ONCE!"

Meanwhile, TWICE will hold a V Live broadcast called "H6ME PARTY with 6ONE" today, Oct. 20, at 9 p.m. KST.

ONCE Celebrates TWICE's 6th Anniversary on Twitter

TWICE's fans, who are collectively called ONCE, are also commemorating the group's sixth anniversary on Twitter.

Together with their congratulatory messages, the fans include the hashtag "#ONE_IN_6_MILLION" and the keyword "6 YEARS WITH TWICE" on their tweets.

As of writing, "#ONE_IN_6_MILLION" is trending in seven countries, including South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. It currently has over 211,000 tweets.

"6 YEARS WITH TWICE" is trending in seven countries as well, including Malaysia, Peru, Ecuador, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Another hashtag ONCEs used is "#TWICEComesBeforeONCE," which previously trended in 11 countries.

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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