BTS 'BTS, THE BEST,' BLACKPINK Rosé 'R,' & More are the Most-Streamed 2021 K-pop Albums on Spotify So Far

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms across the globe, and like many artists, Korean acts also use this service to let their fans and non-fans enjoy their music. Among the K-pop albums that were released this 2021, these Top 20 albums have accumulated the most streams so far.

On Oct. 21, the Top 20 most-streamed K-pop albums on Spotify this year were unveiled. Albums by world-renowned artists such as BTS, TXT, BLACKPINK Rosé, ENHYPEN, NCT Dream, and more are included in the list.

Most-Streamed 2021 K-pop Albums on Spotify
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BTS "BTS, THE BEST" and "Butter" are the Most-Streamed 2021 K-pop Albums on Spotify

According to the current list, BTS took first place with their latest Japanese compilation album, "BTS, THE BEST." The album has gained almost one billion streams on Spotify, a total of 99,930,456 streams to be precise.

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"BTS's "BTS, THE BEST" achieved commercial success in Japan as it reached No. 1 on the country's Oricon Chart and went on to become the best-selling Japanese album in the first week this 2021. It sold more than 571,000 copies, surpassing the previous first-week sales record of 467,000 copies set by SixTONE's "1ST."

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Claiming the second spot is BTS's "Butter" CD, which was dropped on July 9. To date, the album has collected more than 970 million streams this 2021.

BTS Butter
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"Butter" earned the biggest first-week sales in South Korea after selling over 1.97 million copies. It now becomes the fourth best-selling album in Hanteo history in terms of first-week sales.

Notably, "BTS, THE BEST" and "Butter" are the only two 2021 K-pop albums to reach 900 million streams on Spotify, so far.

TXT "The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE" is the Most-Streamed 2021 K-pop Album by a Fourth-Generation Group on Spotify

Following the two BTS albums on the list is "The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT or ESCAPE" by TXT. This repackaged album has garnered cumulative streams of more than 285 million on Spotify.

TXT The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE
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When it comes to sales, it obtained the third-highest first-week sales of any repackaged album in Hanteo history. It sold over 483,000 copies from Aug. 17 to 23.

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TXT's "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE," the main album of the repackaged version, also made it to the Top 5 of the list, taking No. 5 with over 234 million streams.

BLACKPINK Rosé "R" is the Most-Streamed 2021 K-pop Album by a K-pop Soloist on Spotify

Sitting at No. 4 is BLACKPINK Rosé's first solo album, "R" with more than 260 million streams on Spotify, to date.

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What's more impressive is that "R" only contains two songs yet it managed to be the fourth most-streamed 2021 K-pop album. The title track "On the Ground" has gained more than 156 million streams, while the B-side song "Gone" has over 103 million streams.

Here are the Top 20 Most-Streamed 2021 K-pop Albums on Spotify So Far:

  1. BTS "BTS, THE BEST" - 999,930,456 streams
  2. BTS "Butter" - 970,140,901 streams
  3. TXT "The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE" - 285,858,384 streams
  4. BLACKPINK Rosé "R" - 260,310,053 streams
  5. TXT "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE" - 234,535,440 streams
  6. BLACKPINK Lisa "LALISA" - 201,241,204 streams
  7. ENHYPEN "BORDER: CARNIVAL" - 191,168,856 streams
  8. IU "LILAC" - 184,771,735 streams
  9. NCT Dream "Hello Future" - 175,519,918 streams
  10. Stray Kids "NOEASY" - 169,897,003 streams
  11. TREASURE "THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT" - 166,784,191 streams
  12. Chungha "Querencia" - 138,078,453 streams
  13. ITZY "GUESS WHO" - 133,080,710 streams
  14. NCT Dream "Hot Sauce" - 130,741,196 streams
  15. TWICE "Taste of Love" - 118,235,557 streams
  16. TWICE "Perfect World" - 115,246,240 streams
  17. Weeekly "We Play" - 88,510,062 streams
  18. SHINee "Atlantis" - 70,955,889 streams
  19. HyunA "I'm Not Cool" - 20,257,495 streams
  20. DPR IAN "Moodswings in This Order" - 69,702,769 streams

Is your favorite 2021 album included in the Top 20?

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