Genius Korea Listed SHINee Taemin, MAMAMOO, Weeekly & More as Artists Who Deserve Nomination for MAMA 2021

Who do you think the artists that were snubbed and actually deserve a nomination for MAMA 2021? While most fans were happy that their favorite acts snagged nominations for the awards ceremony, the majority of the K-pop fandom community also agrees that some artists' masterpieces this year were completely ignored. As a response, Genius Korea listed these idols, highlighting their greatest contributions this 2021 that should be recognized more.

The voting for Mnet Asian Music Awards (MNET) was previously opened right after the announcement of the nominees, but some fans are still frustrated that numerous deserving artists weren't nominated in their rightful categories this year.

On Nov. 7, Genius Korea, the biggest lyric website based in New York, highlighted the K-pop artists that should be nominated in MAMA yet failed to be selected as nominees.

Based on a community discussion, Genius Korea emphasized why idols such as SHINee Taemin, SEVENTEEN Hoshi, Chung Ha, MAMAMOO, and more deserve to be recognized for their incredible music releases this year.

SHINee Taemin, MAMAMOO, Red Velvet Wendy & More Are Incredible Artists MAMA 2021 Missed, According to Genius Korea

For the category of "Best Dance Performance - Solo," SHINee Taemin, who is always regarded as the "Ace of K-pop," wasn't able to enter the list of nominees despite masterpieces, "Idea," and "Advice."

Along with him, many also voiced out frustrations that SEVENTEEN Hoshi's "Spider" was snubbed, regardless of its exquisite concept and choreography.

For the female category, several fans also raised their brows why Chung Ha's "Bicycle" and Sunmi's "Tail" weren't nominated, given that these dances were indeed some of the most memorable releases in the K-pop industry this 2021.

 Moving on, there are also K-pop enthusiasts who were surprised that MAMAMOO and Red Velvet Wendy weren't in the "Best Vocal Performance" nominees.

It is truly unreasonable for many that "Where Are We Now" by MAMAMOO and "Like Water" by Wendy that touched music fans' hearts were not selected to compete for the category.

The absences of the rising rookies PURPLE KISS also made fans shrug their shoulders. In terms of skills and popularity, MAMAMOO's sister group surely doesn't lack in both areas, picking curiosity why they weren't nominated.

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Weeekly, TWICE, (G)I-DLE Weren't Also Picked for 'Best Dance Performance' in Female Group Category

In the same article, Genius Korea also mentioned top-tier and famous rookie girl groups that weren't selected for "Best Dance Performance - Female Group."

One of them is Weeekly, who dropped "After School," one of the catchiest songs this 2021.

(G)I-DLE's "HWAA," which is the song that made the girl group rose into the mainstream, was also absent in the nominees.

Moreover, TWICE's "I Can't Stop Me," which is well-praised by music critics weren't nominated as well.

 Lastly, for "Best Male and Female Solo Artist," voices are questioning why SHINee Taemin and Key, Wonho, B.I, Colde, iKON Bobby weren't selected, although they are some of the male idols who shone the most this year.

It's also quite a shame that Chung Ha, Hyuna, and Sunmi were nowhere to be found in the best female solo artist.

Nevertheless, these artists and releases that were snubbed this year in MAMA 2021 will remain iconic, with or without awards.

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