MAMAMOO Hwasa Solo Comeback: Iconic K-pop Soloist Drops 'I am a Light' Music Video Teaser

MAMAMOO Hwasa unveils the teaser of her upcoming solo album "Guilty Pleasure." The music video teaser ignites expectations for the soloist's new hit song.

Keep reading to see the teaser!

MAMAMOO Hwasa Unveils 'I am a Light' Music Video Teaser

On November 23 at 12 midnight KST, Hwasa released the music video teaser for "I am a Light" of the second single album "Guilty Pleasure" through MAMAMOO's official SNS channels.

In the video, Hwasa is seen sitting on a podium on the set in a hip position while she receives the highlights of the setting. Then the scene changes to a garden where Hwasa is surrounded by flowers.

Mamamoo Hwasa Solo Comeback with 'Guilty Pleasure'... Aiming for success 3 times in a row
(Photo : Mamamoo Twitter)
MAMAMOO Hwasa / Guilty Pleasure

After that, the scene changes to a darkened space where Hwasa is seen chanting the lyrics, which stimulates curiosity from the viewers.

Hwasa perfectly digested different styling and showed off her excellent concept digest, which adds to Hwasa's unique personality.

Particularly, the song's addictive melody makes the trendy sound spread on a heavy base, and Hwasa's unique groovy voice made a synergy that heightened the expectations for another hit song.

Mamamoo Hwasa Solo Comeback with 'Guilty Pleasure'... Aiming for success 3 times in a row
(Photo : Mamamoo Twitter)

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Hwasa is set to release her single album "Guilty Pleasure" on November 24. With the music, concept, and performances that only Hwasa can do, she can convey the message of courage and comfort to the listeners.

Hwasa's new album contains a total of three songs, including the title song "I am a Light," "FOMO," and "Bless U." Hwasa participated in writing the lyrics for the title song "I am a light," and "Bless U" which proves her musical ability.

HWASA will release her second single album, "Guilty Pleasure," on various music sites at 6 PM (KST) on November 24.

MAMAMOO Hwasa Comes Back Solo with 'Guilty Pleasure'

Last November 11, MAMAMOO member Hwasa confirmed her solo comeback by releasing a web jacket image of her second single, "Guilty Pleasure," through MAMAMOO's official SNS channels.

In her released photo, Hwasa is seen with hair that looked slightly wet, and her eyes invoked a mature yet enticing aura.

Upon the release of the jacket teaser, Hwasa delivered a message of sympathy and comfort to the listeners in her own way. This has raised the curiosity on what kind of theme she will reveal with "Guilty Pleasure."

MAMAMOO Hwasa Guilty Pleasure
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)

"Guilty Pleasure" is Hwasa's solo comeback a year and five months since her first mini-album "Maria," which was released in June 2020. That time, the title song, "Maria," has swept the top spot on domestic and foreign music charts and became a worldwide icon.

Hwasa became the first female solo artist in Korea that went to the top of the iTunes Top Albums chart in the United States.

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Hwa Sa, new song 'FOMO' mood sampler concept photo released... unique presence
(Photo : Mamamoo Twitter)
MAMAMOO Hwasa / Guilty Pleasure

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Moreover, Hwasa made a worldwide craze for the "Maria" challenge on TikTok, the largest short video platform.

MAMAMOO Hwasa, who made her solo debut in February 2019 with her single "Twit," has a different style and trendy musicality. With her solo comeback, she raises expectations on whether she will have three consecutive hits.

MAMAMOO Gets Nominated for the Mnet Asia Music Awards 2021

MAMAMOO is nominated for the category, Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10. The 2021 MAMA will be broadcast live on December 11, it will begin with the red carpet at 4 PM (KST) and will be followed by the awards ceremony at 6 PM (KST).

Mamamoo Hwasa, copper-colored skin + Coke bottle body… unique sexy beauty
(Photo : Hwasa Instagram)

Watch MAMAMOO Hwasa's 'I am a Light' Teaser here!

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