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Dissecting YG's New Male Group "Winner": Team B Members

By Staff Reporter | August 22, 2013 02:35 AM EDT


Now onto dissecting team "B" of YG Entertainment's new group, Winner. We gave you tidbits about the members of team "A" but we haven't dissected the members of team "B." If you haven't had the chance to read the previous article here's a bit of what it said to get you acquainted with the teams behind the new reality survival show, "WIN: Who is Next?"

YG's new male group is coming and YG fans, girls, and boys alike don't know how to prepare for their arrival. Why does this feel like we might be on the verge of the next big thing? Simple. YG's only all male group is Big Bang and they are five of the biggest names in K-pop. For starters, it's never been Yang Hyun Seok's style to do a reality show and have audiences pick which group should debut. Secondly, Yang Hyun Seok teased that he'd be debuting a girl group, so imagine our surprise when it turned out to be a boy group instead of a girls! YG Entertainment help a press conference to promote and discuss their upcoming survival show called "WIN: Who Is Next" which will premiere August 23 on Mnet.

The show will air 10 episodes where two teams, team "A" and team "B", will go up against each other in a battle to see which group will win over the hearts of voters. Whichever team wins, that group will debut after the show wraps. Talk about pressure! I can't imagine how stressed out these guys must be!

Team "B" consists of 6 members and the average of the group is 17. First member is B.I. who was the kid rapper in MC Mong's "Indian Boy," a few years back. His real name is Kim Han Bin and he is the leader of taem "B." He was born 1996 and looks like he's trouble.

Ex-contestant of "K-pop Star", Goo Jun Hwae is in the group and was born on 1997 and whose profile looks like Taeyang's. He's followed by Kim Dong Hyuk, Bobby who looks like B.A.P's Himchan, Song Yun Hyeong who doesn't look Korean, and 1994 born Kim Jin Hwan, who is hands down the prettiest of the crew.

Am I the only one insanely nervous and yet so filled with utter excitement to see who comes up on top? It's looking like team "A" may be the favorite and team "B" the underdog, but we'll see when the show airs and fans get to choosing!

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