f(x) Sulli in ANOTHER Controversy? – Why Didn’t She Just Dance?

Girl group f(x) member Sulli is once again the center of a controversy because of her attitude. This time, it's because she didn't do part of the choreography during one of their performances for an event. Instead, she squatted down, held onto her skirt, and sat there while the other members danced that part. There's speculation that her actions were due to a sudden diet change, and others say it's due to embarrassment.

Sulli's attitude controversy started from last weekend, when the online community commented on a YouTube video. The YouTube clip is a fancam video of f(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" performance, from the "Korea Night" stage at the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Conference in Seoul on September 11.

Netizens commented that Sulli didn't do the maneuver in which the members get on the floor, do the splits, lie on their sides, then get up from the floor.

In the fancam video, f(x) members Amber and Luna are on the opposite side of the stage doing this dance. Sulli, on the other hand, is squatting off to the side and just holding onto the hem of her skirt.

This isn't the first time Sulli's attitude has become an issue. Previously, she has been the center of many controversies for her attitude. For instance, on one of the main music programs, f(x) won the number 1 spot, but Sulli didn't seem very happy about it. The other members were thrilled about their victory, but Sulli seemed indifferent and ungrateful for the win. Not only that, she's already been targeted for not doing her best while dancing onstage. And there have been rumors that she even swears at the other members of her group.

Meanwhile, netizens and the YouTube communities are criticizing Sulli's actions through their comments. Some said, "There is no power, no motivation (in her performance). She doesn't bring pleasure to the viewer, but rather sucks away all the energy" and "I don't think Sulli's made for the idol life. She's always caught up in controversies because of her poor attitude, and it's very unprofessional."

Even K-pop fans in other countries seem to be disappointed by her actions. One foreign Netizen commented, "Cutie Sulli, won't you try a little harder for me?"

On the other hand, some netizens were willing to cut Sulli a little bit of slack. Some suggested that her poor performance could have been due to her recent diet, which resulted in decreased stamina. And others have said that perhaps her skirt was too short, and while she was fixing her attire, she missed that one part of the choreography.

One netizen commented in her defense, "Just because you're an idol doesn't mean you always have to smile and be overflowing with energy. She could have just taken a moment to catch her breath, or maybe she was embarrassed. The netizens who are rushing like hyenas to tear her apart are the problem."



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