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MBLAQ Chun Doong's Chocolate Abs! No Wonder He's an Expert in Love

By Staff Reporter | February 28, 2012 10:10 PM EST

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MBLAQ Chun Doong's Chocolate Abs! / Credit:

MBLAQ members have an innocent image. Little did we know, Chun Doong was an expert in dating!

Recently, members of MBLAQ appeared on a radio show on SBS PowerFM called, "Jung Sun Hee's Night Like Tonight". Members revealed and discussed their honest love life.

Chun Doong, especially known for his innocent image compared to the other members, stated confidently, "People all think I never dated before, but that's a misunderstanding" 

Chun Doong added, "I went on dates before and there was somebody I like, but I just haven't had a chance to actually confess my love for somebody." and continued to reveal his love life.

When he was asked to describe his ideal girlfriend, he stated, "I want somebody who will act silly with me and someone who talks to me a lot. I would like her to be very bright and energetic."

During the radio show, he revealed that he is confident enough to announce his girlfriend to the public if he gets a girlfriend. However, he added that for now, he is going to concentrate on his work.

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