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Who's 'So Loved' in Europe? The Winners and Nominees for the 2013 European K-Pop So Loved Awards- 2NE1, B.A.P, Ailee and G-Dragon Get 'Loved'

By James Buhain | December 09, 2013 03:44 AM EST


As you all know, the world of K-Pop has affected everyone around the world. The craze of the music, fashion, and choreography spreads to other countries and people are loving the country of South Korea in-terms of their music.

Germany is one country in Europe in which K-Pop is a favorite there. From the tours in-which K-Pop stars have done and are currently doing, the music has spread globally!!

What is So-Love Award

This award which first began in the year "2010" is now held every year by forming partnerships and letting the Koreans know that the countries in Europe are participating by doing awards such as this one. By doing this, the countries in Europe hope to see more stars travel there to do concerts as well as world tours.

Like what their website basically stated for their mission, it is basically to have "assistance" with "various partners" in the "Korean culture" as well as the "pop culture industry." Then through the "results" that they find out on, the scores are then "forwarded to the winning artists" as well as to their "entertainment companies." So in a way, this basically gives a picture on where the stars of their agency stand in Europe as well as who they like and dislike from the people who votes in Germany. This is all to "plan for future activities in Europe." Not bad because it benefits the singers as well as let's them know that they have numerous fans in Europe who will be excited when they do decide to do a concert there.

What Are the Categories?

There are a total of nine categories which are "Band Male & Female," "Solo Artist Male & Female," "Debut Male & Female," "Song & Music Video," "Album & Mini Album," "Single Album & Japan Release," "Choreography Male and Female," "Drama & OST Song," and "Rock/Alternative & Hip Hop/R&B" for the 2013 "So Loved Award."

So let's get into the nominees of each category as well as reveal who won on each.

2013 Nominations and Winners

For "Band Female," your nominees were:

- Girls' Generation

- 2NE1

- f(x)


- 4Minute

- Nine Muses

- Crayon Pop

- Brown Eyed Girls

- Girl's Day

- D-Unit

The winner for this category was 2NE1 with "33.6%!!" Second and third place were Girls' Generation with "15.3%" and f(x) with "15.0%."

"Band Male," the nominees were:


- B.A.P

- SHINee



- B2ST

- 2PM


- B1A4

- Boyfriend

The winner for this category was B.A.P with "30.8%!!" Second and third place were EXO with "22.4%" and SHINee with "11.4%."

Category for "Solo Artist Female" were:

- Lee Hyori

- IU

- Ailee

- Juniel

- Ali

Your winner for this category was Ailee with "52.3%!!" Second and third were Lee Hyori with "19.8%" and IU "18.2%."

For "Solo Artist Male," the nominees were:

- G-Dragon

- K.Will

- Xia

- Huh Gak

- Park Jungmin

Your winner for this category was G-Dragon with "52.4%!!" Second and third were Xia with "23.6" and K.Will with "17.2."

For the "Debut Female" category, your nominees were:

- Lee Hi

- Ladies Code

- Global Icon

- Lim Kim

- Sunmi

- BESTie


- Delight

- Queen B'Z

- Purplay

The winner on this category was Lee Hi with "41.8%!!" Second and third place were Global Icon with "16.3%" and Ladies Code with "12.7%."

For "Debut Male," nominees were:


- Roy Kim

- History

- Eric Nam

- Boys Republic

- Speed

- Roh Jihoon

- A-Prince

- You Seungwoo

- LC9

The winner was BTS with "64.1%!!" Second and third were LC9 with "8.0%" and Roy Kim "5.5%."

For the "Song" category, your nominees were:

- SHINee: "Everybody"

- EXO: "Growl"

- Xia: "Incredible"

- Henry: "Trap" (feat. Kyuhyun and Taemin)

- BTS: "No More Dream"

- Lee Hee: "1,2,3,4"

- Girls' Generation: "I Got a Boy"

- Boyfriend: "Janus"

- NELL: "Ocean of Light"

- Sunmi: "24 Hours"

Your winner for this category was EXO: "Growl" with "28.8%!!" Second and third were Henry - "Trap" (feat. Kyuhyun & Taemin) with "15.8%" and BTS: "No More Dream" with "14.8%."

"Music Video" nominees were:

- G-Dragon: "Coup D'Etat"

- BTS: "N.O"

- B2ST: "Shadow"

- MyName: "Baby I'm Sorry"

- B1A4: "What's Happening"

- A.T: "Don't Be" feat. Geeks

- MFBTY: "Sweet Dream"

- Lee Hi: "Rose"

- Block B: "Very Good"

- B.A.P: "One Shot"

Your winner for this category was B.A.P: "One Shot" with "34.2%!!" Second and third place were Block B: "Very Good" with "19.9%" and G-Dragon: "Coup D'Etat" with "13.5%."

For the category of "Album" release, your nominees were:

- SHINee "The Misconceptions of Us"

- f(x): "Pink Tape"

- SNSD: "I Got a Boy"

- Boyfriend: "I Yah (Janus Repackage)"

- Lee Hyori: "Monochrome"

- IU: "Modern Times"

- Lee Hi: "First Love"

- EXO: "Growl (Kiss & Hug Repackage)"

- G-Dragon: "Coup D'Etat"

- Xia: "Incredible"

The winner for this category was EXO: "Growl (Kiss & Hug Repackage)" with "32.9%!!" Second and third were G-Dragon: "Coup D'Etat" with "22.2%" and Xia: "Incredible" with "12.4%."

For the "EP (Mini Album)," your nominees were:

- Jaejoong: "Y (Repackage)"

- Henry: ""Trap"

- SHINee: "Everybody"

- BTS: "O!RUL8,2?"

- CNBLUE: "Re:Blue"

- Infinite H: "Fly High"

- Ailee: "A's Doll House"

- B1A4: "In the Wind"

- Ladies Code: "Code #1"

- Block B: "Very Good"

The winner for this category was Block B: "Very Good" with "21.6%!!" Second and third were BTS: "O!RUL8,2?" with "14.4%" and SHINee: "Everybody" with "13.5%."

For the category of "Single Release," your nominees were:

- Sistar19: "Gone Not Around Any Longer"

- BTS: "2 Cool 4 Skool"

- Park Jungmin: "Beautiful"

- AOA: "Black Moya"

- NELL: "Holding onto Gravity"

- VIXX: "On & On"

- MyName: "2nd Single Album"

- Glam: "I Like That"

- IINFINITE: "Destiny"

- History: "Dreamer"

The winner for this category was BTS: "2 Cool 4 Skool" with "28.8%!!" Second and third were IINFINITE: "Destiny" with "25.4%" and VIXX: "On & On" with "19.9."

For the "Japan Release" category, your nominees were:

- TVXQ: "I Know"

- SHINee: "Breaking News"

- MyName: "We Are the Night"

- CNBLUE: "Blind Love"

- Girls' Generation: "Galaxy Supernova"

The winner was SHINee: "Breaking News" with "27.7%!!" Second and third place were CNBLUE: "Blind Love" with "24.8%" and Girls' Generation: "Galaxy Supernova" with "19.4%."

The category for "Choreography Female" nominees were:

- Glam: "I Like That"

- Girls' Generation: "I Got a Boy"

-Rania: "Just Go"

- Brown Eyed Girls: "Kill Bill"

- After School: "First Love"

The winner was Girls' Generation: "I Got a Boy" with "42.0%!!" Second and third were After School: "First Love" with "25.7%" and Brown Eyed Girls: "Kill Bill" with "17.2%."

On the males side for "Choreography Male," your nominees were:

- BTS: "No More Dream"

- B.A.P: "One Shot"

- EXO: "Wolf"

- Boyfriend: "Janus"

- SHINee: "Everybody"

The winner for this category was B.A.P: "One Shot" with "40.0%!!" Second and third were EXO: "Wolf" with "26.6%" and SHINee: "Everybody" with "16.2%."

For the category of "Best Drama," the nominees were:

- "Book of the House of Gu"

- "School 2013"

- "That Winter the Wind Blows"

- "My Master's Son"

- "I Hear Your Voice"

The winner was "School 2013" with "26.1%!!" Second and third were "My Master's Sun" with "24.3%" and "I Hear Your Voice" with "22.9%."

Category for "OST Song" nominees were:

- BoA: "Between Heaven and Hell (Shark OST)"

- MBLAQ: "What a Fool I Am

- Gummy: "Snowflakes (That Winter the Wind Blows OST)"

- B2ST: "Black Paradise

- Xia: "Foolish Heart
(Mandate of Heaven OST)"

The winner was B2ST: "Black Paradise
 with "36.0%!!" Second and third were MBLAQ: "What a Fool I Am
(IRIS II OST)" with "20.2%" and Xia: "Foolish Heart
(Mandate of Heaven OST)" with "19.3%."

For the category for "Rock/Alternative," your nominees were:


- Busker Busker

- Jaurim

- F.T. Island


The winner for this category was CNBLUE with "47.3%!!" Second and third were F.T. Island with "33.6%" and NELL with "13.8%."

The last category "Hip Hop/R&B" nominees were:

- M.I.B

- Verbal Jint

- Block B

- Jay Park

- Zion.T

The winner was Block B with "63.5%!!" Second and third place went to Jay Park with "17.2%" and M.I.B with "12.3%."

That's it folks! Congratulations to all the winners for this year!!

Photo Credit: So-Loved Award Website

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