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Trista Sutter Writes Inspirational Book for Positive Thinking; The First `Bachelorette' Has a Grateful Heart

By Tony Sokol | January 04, 2014 04:30 PM EST


Trista Sutter, the original Bachelorette, is living Happily Ever After following her fairytale wedding. The first star of the reality romance show "Bachelorette," Trista Sutter published a new book called "Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart." Trista hopes the book will inspire people to believe in the power of positive thinking.

Speaking to KKTV-Colorado Springs, Trista said "Every day on social media I post my favorite part of the day (#favpartofday) as a way to focus on the positive and think about the good things, especially if it was a not so great part of the day. I just want to be able to put something out into the universe that inspires people."

Trista Sutter fell in love with Ryan Sutter in front of television audiences on the first season of ABC's "Bachelorette," which ended with her marriage to the firefighter from Vail, Colorado. Tricia and Ryan Sutter got married in 2003 and have two children together.

Sutter ends each chapter with "Happily Ever Actions." Trista advises "Do something that consciously you are choosing to be grateful for like doing your favorite part of the day. I got my kids gratitude journals and have them each write in them or draw a picture."

In an article for the Vail Daily, Trista Sutter wrote "I feel incredibly blessed for so many reasons. Some may think that I have lived a fairy tale, and I'd agree with them in regard to a couple magical moments of my life. My book, though, isn't just about finding my 'Happily Ever After.' Yes, I write about meeting and marrying the wonderful man I call my husband, but that story is part of a bigger picture ... part of the picture of gratitude that has been such a powerful force in finding my life's happiness."

Trista's new book, "Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart" can be found in bookstores across the country.

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