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M! Countdown Highlight: Girl's Day Has "Something" More To Prove Over Ailee As The Girl's Win #1 On The February 6, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | February 07, 2014 09:34 AM EST


Another week of awesome performances from some of your favorite K-Pop idols performed on the February 6, 2014 episode of "M Countdown!"

Your comebacks for last night were SISTAR's Soyou and Jung Gi Go has they sang, "Some." Shinhwa's Minwoo who is known as "M," took a "Taxi" for his return. Brown Eyed Girl's Ga-in asked, "Truth or Dare", Roh Ji Hoon had a "Song For You", Lip Service said, "Yum Yum Yum", and GP Basic with "Pika-Burnjack."

Candidates in-terms of nominations were the beautiful girls of Girl's Day and queen of K-Pop, Ailee. Though the royal highness Ailee did not win last night, instead, it was the magnificent ladies of Girl's Day by having "Something" more than Ailee. Congratulations Girl's Day!! Ailee, hopefully, you win this week on one of the other music shows.

With all this being said, let's dive right into the performance recaps!

Performance Recaps and Videos

Instead of performing "Fxxk U," Ga-in made her return by playing a game; "Truth or Dare." Since her other track, "Fxxk U" is banned in South Korea due to the numerous times of her saying the "F" word as well the provocative nature of this track, Ga-in had to choose this one for her comeback promotion. What do think regarding her performance last night?

Rookie group Peach Girl debuts at number twenty-seven last night for their track, "Fox Fur Muffler." This new female group is comprised of members Mimi, Yuka, Somang, Bo Gyeong, and Hyunji. Their label is "JM Entertainment." The song that they performed last night tells the story about how a girl is shy to express or confess her feelings for the guy that she loves. What do you think regarding this new rookie group?

Spica is ranked number four this week by saying, "You Don't Love Me." Did you notice Jiwon's throat? Hopefully she is fine. There is a flu going on in Korea; so hopefully Jiwon is not getting sick. The girls made their comeback last week. Overall, which track do you prefer? "Tonight" or this one?

AOA put on their "Miniskirt" as they ranked number five this week. What is with their voices? Either the volume audio is too low or fatigue is catching up to them. The girls had four days to rest; so hopefully they are not getting sick or something. What do you think? Fatigue or getting sick due to the swine flu?

The members of GOT7 have all recovered from the flu as they performed together by being number eleven this week. "Girls Girls Girls" is what they said last night and they really do love seeing all of the guys back on-stage. The guys should at least get nominated; surprised weeks has gone by and no first place trophy yet. Think they will receive one?

Girl's Day is the winner for first place as they performed their original choreography last night. "Something" is what the girls said and crowd responded by screaming; especially the guys. The ladies has proved the other female groups by winning on the music shows as well their track being placed number one on major music charts. Congratulations to Girl's Day!

GP Basic, who are comprised of members Zion, Trinity, Janey, Amet, and Mui are finally back. The wait was long, though they came back with a different concept. Especially, when they did Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" imitation; they absolutely did better. GP Basic are truly bringing "Pika-Burnjack" for their return. The girls are the youngest group of K-Pop by average age being just thirteen point five when they made their debut on 2010. Though still, they are considered a young group which are bringing numerous energy. What is your opinion regarding this group?

Soyou and Jung Gi Go performed "Some" last night as it was SISTAR's Soyou's comeback performance. The song has a good story regarding love which is perfect since Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What do you think about Soyou's hair color? Like or unlike?

Topp Dogg says "Open The Door" by once again bringing energy as well charisma. The guys rank number twenty this week. Topp Dogg are not ranked on the top ten even though this guys are so popular. Though, they know that their fans will support them all the way. They might not be at the top this week; but maybe they might next week.

Lee Min Woo who is known as "M" is bringing his style once again. "Love Supreme" as well having a "Taxi" girl is what he brought for his comeback last night. He has the boyish look still and is not aging. He can probably be like Big Bang's Seungri. Sexy and smooth is what "M" is all about. If you have not yet seen his music video, take a look by watching it. "M" is going to make you be a fan if your not yet one.

Dal Shabet are ranked number nine this week for their song, "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)." While the performance is great and all; playback is truly impacting them. With the changes of choreography as well editing of lyrics at the beginning, Dal Shabet really wants to go back to their original choreography as well lyrics. Though the ladies has to obey the rules. What do you think regarding their performances since the modifications?

New hip hop ladies group Lip Service made their debut last night by saying "Yum Yum Yum." With their baggy clothes to represent the hip hop girl, Lip Service is hoping to spread the love of music by having lyrics that everyone can relate on. Sound and color; which the girls wants their fans to hear and see; which is why their wardrobe is so "colorful" and the music is "upbeat." What do you think regarding this new female group?

Kye Bum Zu said, "Game Over" last night. If you know, Kye worked with Dok2 last year for a song titled, "Something Special." Kye is known for his great music by having a good beat to them; this track is once again another one. What do you think regarding Kye? Another great song from him?

Rose Motel came out by performing "Paper Crane" last night. This five member group are an Indie band who are from the Hongdae region of Seoul, South Korea. What do you think about this band group?

Hong Dae Kwang performed "No Answer" last night. Though apparently Hong has received numerous answers by placing him number six for this week. With a great ballad style song that explains about love; it is no surprise why this track is ranked on the top ten for this week.

Roh Ji Hoon makes his comeback by having a "Song For You." With his look alike K.Will and JB appearance, his vocals is one that is truly great. For his new track, he is focusing more on the vocals rather than choreography. What do you think about his return?

Koyote also performed last night by bringing energy for their performance, "1999."

Photo Credit: The AU Review

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