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MBC's "Real Man" Featuring Super Junior M's Henry - From Kitten to a Tiger

By Staff Reporter | February 25, 2014 04:15 AM EST


"I didn't think it would be this difficult."

This phrase most accurately describes Super Junior M Henry's two-day military career. Sighing with regret, Henry recalled his mistaken notion about the Korean military forces which he learned from Shin Dong. Shin Dong meant it as a practical joke, but it set Henry up for the most difficult two-days of his life. He was constantly yelled at by the head officers who had to get him into shape and familiarize him with the ways of the Korean Special Force.

Henry is one of the new members who joined MBC's "Real Man", a real-time variety show that features male celebrities going (back) to the armed forces to join the soldiers who are in training. Every Korean man is mandated by the government to fulfill a two year military service between the ages of 18 to 38. The show has been positively acknowledged by the Korean government for accurately describing the military to the general public.

Henry, K.Will, and Park Gun Hyung joined the newbies squad, and on the second day, they officially began their training. They did everything from shooting to learning the special forces' battle song. Henry was constantly singled out because he is completely unfamiliar with the Korean military, let alone the Korean culture. However, Henry's natural optimism always shined through, and his positive attitude always made those around him smile.

When standing guard at night, Henry couldn't resist asking the commanding officer if he could lean back on the wall. This, of course, resulted in him getting in trouble. This didn't bring Henry down; in fact, he began to do yoga in front of the other soldiers who were falling asleep and energized them for the duty of standing guard for the night.

Henry's "happy virus" continued as his squad was gathered with others in the platoon. They had a drill where they had to memorize their military ID  number, their squad name, and their own name while also shouting out the platoon's motto. Although he couldn't pronounce all the words, his demeanor alone provoked the smiles and laughter of those around him.

The only time that Henry was really downcast on this week's episode was when he had to memorize the battle song. He confessed to the commanding officer and others that he found it impossible to memorize it, but this time the other members of the squad comforted and encouraged him to learn the song. Henry learned it well in the end.

Henry also received a compliment when it was discovered that he was an excellent marksman. In fact, his fellow celebrity squad member Park Gun Hyung scored a lower score than him despite the fact that Gun Hyung had already been in military service. After receiving the compliment, Henry couldn't stop smiling, which let to another punishment. Henry confessed in a later interview that he didn't care about the punishment because he was overjoyed by the fact that there was something that he excelled at in the military.

Chinese member Henry Lau may not be familiar with the Korean culture, its military, and just Koreans themselves. However, his attempt to understand Korea and learn in the extreme difficulty of joining the Korean Military Special Forces deserves an applause. Here's to hoping Henry graduates from the squad as a tiger, a man's man.

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