Baek Ji Young, Dance Song 'Good Boy' Teaser Released!

Singer Baek Ji Young's new album title song 'Good Boy' is buying much love even before the comeback.

The teaser video of 'Good Boy', released on May 14 through online websites, gained 500,000 views within one day after release.

The released teaser video reveals Baek Ji Young in a long dress in a dark setting, along with back dancers, showing a powerful performance.

The song also features Yong Junhyung member of idol group BEAST, and the odd beat and the completely different atmosphere from Baek Ji Young's usual slow and peaceful songs are also buying much attention.

Internet users who saw the teaser commented, "A fast song in a while~ Good boy~ I'm so excited!!", and "Ji Young, a bad girl?"

Baek Ji Young
good boy
Yong Junhyung


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